Kate Somervile Skin Health Pyramid Discovery Kit

If you have never tried Kate Somerville skincare products an excellent way is with the Kate Somerville Skin Health Pyramid Discovery Kit. Rather than purchasing a single product try the Kate Somerville Skin Health Pyramid Discovery Kid which provides the opportunity to try five of the best selling products in travel size containers. This not only provides the chance to try the products but also provides an opportunity to experience the Kate Somerville Skincare regimen.

The Kate Somerville Skin Health Pyramid Discovery Kit includes Gentle Daily Wash, Quench Hydrating Face Serum, Total Vitamin Antioxidant Serum, Nourish Daily Moisturizer, ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, Deep tissue Repair Cream with Peptide K8 and Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream.

Kate Somerville Skincare products are made from a variety of natural ingredients which include sage oil, lavender oil, bergamot, fruit oil, wheat germ oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, purified water, potassium sorbate, geranium oil, chamomile oil, orange oil, vitamin D3, carica papaya fruit, pectin, soybean oil, rosewood oil, citric acid, macadamia seed oil, silk powder, copper PCA, rice bran protein and more.

The key to success of the Kate Somerville Skin Health Pyramid Discovery Kit is to use as directed. The daily wash is rich in botanicals and is formulated to clean, calm and condition the skin. The Quench Hydrating Face Serum, one of the most popular products, is a marvelous hydrator. The Total Vitamin Antioxidant Serum is packed with antioxidants formulated to promote skin health. The Nourish Daily Moisturizer is an excellent rejuvenator and brightener formulated as an anti-aging product. ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment is the next best thing to going to the salon for a facial. The Deep Tissue Repair Cream with Peptide K8 encourages cellular repair with a collagen builder. The Line Release Under Eye Repair Cream is an awesome eye-brightener and is formulated to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

With the Kate Somerville Skin Healthy Pyramid Discovery Kit you will find your routine is as simple as cleansing, hydrating, nourishing, exfoliating, moisturizing, skin repairing and eye repairing. Follow the instructions and use the products as recommended to see a visible difference in your skin quickly. The Kate Somerville Skin Health Pyramid Discovery Kit retails for approximately $90.



Bergdorf Goodman is Now Home to Korean Medicinal Herbal Skincare Line, Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo skincare, a long-time favored brand in Korea, opened its space in Bergdorf Goodman in late June of this year. Sulwhasoo gives rise to a new trend in skincare: medicinal herbal skincare.

The brand’s products focus on one core philosophy — beauty must be synergistically both internal and external. Sulwhasoo uses natural ingredients and ancient traditions as a foundation to harmonize opposing spectra of energy, thereby bringing out a healthier complexion.

Korea has a long history of medicinal herbal beauty experimentation, namely centered on a belief in ginseng and its many healing and beautifying properties, and today some 43 years later, Sulwhasoo has come to the fore of the pack with its new line of medicinal herbal skincare, now featured at Bergdorf Goodman.

The two products out of the new collection which are getting the most acclaim here in the states are the Concentrated Ginseng Cream which utilizes several forms of ginseng (ginseng root, ginseng berry, and ginseng water) and First Care Serum

Sulwhasoo couldn’t have picked a better time for this line, what with so many people going green and opting for more natural beauty regiments.

Sulwhasoo Products and Prices:

First Care Serum: $80

Concentrated Ginseng Cream: $220

Liquid Cleansing Foam: $36

Balancing Water: $55

Rejuvenating Eye Cream: $109

Revitalizing Serum: $120

Skin Clarifying Mask: $39

For a complete list of the products in this line, visit the Bergdorf Goodman blog.

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Product and pricing information taken from the Bergdorf Goodman blog.

Information regarding the brand’s philosophy and general history taken from the Sulwhasoo website.

All other information taken from the press release for Sulwhasoo’s launch at Bergdorf Goodman.

Antioxidant Skincare Products and Anti-Aging Skincare Products

Anti oxidant skincare products and anti-aging skincare products are two of the hottest product categories in stores these days. Antioxidant skincare products work to fight against free radicals and stop cells from aging and dying. So these anti oxidant skincare products or anti-aging skincare products work to keep the skin looking young and fresh. It is important to be careful when using these antioxidant skincare products as they are not FDA approved and they often don’t match the claims they make. Are they indeed good for the skin? If you choose your anti-aging skincare products carefully you should end up with something that erases lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation and discoloration.

Tips for purchasing the best products.

The market is so flooded with antioxidant skincare products and anti-aging skincare products, dealing with wrinkles, or claiming to provide a “lift”. There are products available for every part of the face are face too; the chin, the eyes, the lips. It is no surprise that people get confused when looking for a good anti-aging skincare product. Below are some ideas on what to do when shopping for such:

Before beginning your search for antioxidant skincare products or anti-aging skincare products know your skin type and what areas you want to target. Having this in mind will greatly affect the search. If you are uncertain you can speak with a dermatologist.

Browse by ingredients when it comes to antioxidant skincare products or anti-aging skincare products. Get out of the idea that more expensive is better, you want Kinetin, Retinol, multiple antioxidant and vitamins. If you are purchasing eye creams you will want to look for alpha hydroxil acids. Other ingredients of note are: grape see, aloe vera and green tea.

In addition to these products keep a healthy diet. You appearance is a reflection of your diet. A proper consumption of water helps toxins get flushed from the body, vitamins and minerals are all proper and green/black teas are great for their antioxidant properties. So purchasing antioxidant skincare products or anti-aging skincare products isn’t always enough.

No matter how many antioxidant skincare products or anti-aging skincare products you will use on your skin, if it is not healthy it will not have the beautiful glow people seek. These products are only part of the equation and while they are helpful to fix small problems and work as maintenance they are not the cure all for skin problems and they should not be used as such.

Source: Gabriel, Julie Clear Skin: Organic Action Plan for Acne 2007

Review of Sophyto Innovations Organic Skincare

Sophyto is a high-quality, relatively affordable skincare line from the UK, designed by a team of experts led by Karen Sinclair Drake. The ingredients of this line are vegan, organic, and manufactured using ethical, sustainable methods, earning it the title of being the first professional-grade skincare line to be licensed by the UK Soil Association. It’s a rather unusual line in that the company discourages the use of tap water in healthy skincare. Tap water can cause a disturbance in the pH of the skin, which has a protective acidic layer that chlorine washes away. To give you an idea of what Sophyto has to offer, here is an review of some of its products that I’ve tried.

Ultra Mild Silken Cleanser
This is good to use in the evenings, because it can be used as a gentle makeup remover. It has the consistency of a serum, and you may either massage it onto your face with your fingers or use a cotton pad if you are removing makeup. It has an aloe vera base and uses cucumber extracts to dissolve dead skin cells in order to exfoliate without the use of abrasive scrubs.

Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser
I like to use this in the morning, or in the evenings after using the Ultra Mild Silken Cleanser. Ingredients include organic English apples and raw sugar cane to help lift daily debris out of pores before they have a chance to clog. It dispenses out of the bottle as a light foam, which is easily spread onto the skin. I’ve found that it has a tendency to soak into the skin, which may or may not be what it is supposed to do.

Tone amp; Balance Super Bioactive
Sophyto advises the use of one of their Super Bioactives in place of water. They carry two kinds: Tone amp; Balance for oily skin types, and Purify amp; Energize for dry skin types. I have oily skin that is prone to acne, so I tried the former. After cleansing the skin with one of the above cleansers, take a cotton pad soaked with Bioactive and massage it over your face. Continue doing this until the cotton pad comes away clean.

Polyphenol Skin Drops
This is perhaps my favorite product in the entire line. It is a light serum designed to combat free radicals with a bioactive combination of antioxidant ingredients, including apples, green tea and white grapes. It smells absolutely heavenly and it soaks in easily. My skin feels so refreshed after applying this serum.

Multivitamin Skin Drops
I also love the scent of this product. Someone who smelled me after applying it told me that I smelled like a pastry. This may be due to the yeast fermented CoQ10. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps retain moisture in the skin. I usually put this on after the Polyphenol Skin Drops, and it makes my skin so wonderfully smooth.

I will admit that I was leery when I tried the Sophyto line specifically because it doesn’t use water. I was aware of the harmful effects of water on skin, but how could you possibly clean properly without using water to wash the cleanser away? The Bioactive merely wipes it away, and I wasn’t so sure I trusted that. I waited for some kind of negative reaction from my skin that simply didn’t come. Instead, my skin felt smooth and became more vibrant, and oil production seemed to balance itself out. These products sell for between $25-$50. That may not fit your idea of “affordable,” but I’ve tried organic products that cost twice as much as these do, with the same high level of performance. Sophyto offers a travel set that can also be used as a sample kit. It’s rather small, but it will satisfy the curiosity of most buyers. The entire line is available at www.sophytoorganics.com, and SaffronRouge.com.

Best Dermalogica Products for Oily Skin Types

Stress, hormonal imbalances or toxins in the environment can all be problematic for people with oily skin and there are only a few skincare lines and products that can help keep breakouts and excess oil production under control. Dermalogica is one of several skincare companies that has developed a range of skincare products that protect and strengthen oily skin so that skin looks and feels healthy season after season. If you’re struggling with keeping oily skin under control, here are some of the best Dermalogica products to add to your beauty regiment:

Prepare Oily Skin for Cleansing with the Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub
If you want to keep skin looking smooth and soft, use the Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub before cleansing to soften the skin and prepare it for a deeper cleaning. The scrub is made specifically for oily skin types and works to remove dead skin cells while soothing the skin to reduce irritation. This scrub is made with fine grains of corn cob meal that won’t clog the pores, and mallow and ivy extracts for their calming effects.

Cleanse Oily Skin with the Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser
Oily skin needs to be cleansed with a formula that will break down and remove excess oils and also purify the pores. The Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser is made with bentonite and kaolin clay which help to clear up impurities and reduce congestion. This particular cleanser also contains menthol which helps to cool and calm irritated skin. Since oily skin is also prone to breakouts, you can reduce the risk of blemishes and acne with the help of the lemon and sambucus extracts that have astringent properties.

Tone Oily Skin with the Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner
If you need to freshen up oily skin after a stressful day or want to prepare it for makeup application after cleansing, use the Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner. This lightweight facial spritz is designed to infuse the skin with moisture without causing irritation. You can spray it on day or night to give your skin a refreshing boost.

Moisturize Oily Skin with Dermalogica Active Moist
Dermalogica’s Active Moist is among the top-selling products in the entire line because it helps the skin stay smooth and hydrated all day long without irritation. The lightweight moisturizer also infuses the skin with botanical extracts and contains natural astringents such as watercress and burdock which help to keep breakouts under control.

Manage Breakouts on Oily Skin with the Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier
Dermalogica’s Clearing Mattifier is a unique compound designed to clear up breakouts. It’s a thick, clear gel that can be applied under makeup and works to control shine and clear up congested pores. If you have oily skin, you can use this treatment overnight to clear up pimples and blemishes, and also during the day to keep shine under control.

Review of Biore Daily Scrub

I’ve found recently that the St. Ives Apricot Scrub I usually use is a bit too harsh for winter, so I thought I would go to the store to find a new scrub that might work better. I came upon Biore’s Daily Scrub, which comes in a squeeze tube like most other scrubs do. I noticed immediately that the beads are spaced a lot farther apart than those of most other scrubs.

The texture of the scrub is creamier than most I have come across, but it certainly isn’t oily, so the “oil-free” advertisement of this product is definitely true. It has a pearlescent look and lathers up a little so you can use this as a cleanser. This product does dry my skin a little, but it’s nothing that moisturizing right afterwards can’t fix. Thus, this product is probably fine for most skin types.

I’ve read reviews on this product that claim it prevents breakouts, which I find untrue. In fact, I got a few pimples on my nose that may have actually been caused by this product, and I almost never get acne. I was disappointed that this product seemed to make my skin worse.

I’ve found that this product is not that effective as a scrub. I don’t think the beads do all that much exfoliating because they are so small and so far apart. However, if you have incredibly sensitive skin, this may be the only way to exfoliate at all. I just don’t think it is that effective in removing dead skin cells, as I would expect an exfoliater to do.

Even as a cleanser, I didn’t find this product to be very effective. I’m disappointed to say that this product really did little to nothing to improve the state of my skin. I’ve found that my skin in recent weeks is in worse shape than before. I think I will go back to using my old skincare while I hunt for a good scrub that will actually do something for my face. I would not recommend this product because it did nothing for me.

Tips to Avoid Summer Acne

While summer is the time of year where people look forward to the most for some rest and relaxation, what they don’t look forward to is the surge of acne breakouts. The potential of summer breakouts can be managed with a skincare routine variation.

Sweating is common during the summer months and can flare up acne — especially doing outdoor sports. Taking a swing at the golf course, peddling along a bike path or hiking on a picturesque trail can promote perspiration. Too much sweating from “fun in the sun” should be washed off immediately to avoid breakouts.

With the summer season invariably comes heat, and depending on where one vacations or lives, humidity adds another acne factor. Heat has the tendency to trigger sebaceous gland production which in turn produces oil.

Oily skin is the main reason for acne breakouts.

Trouble spots normally occur in the following areas:
Forehead Nose Chest Back
There is also a direct correlation between larger pores where acne breakouts may strike — the nose is one of these areas.

Washing the face with a mild cleanser both morning and night can help reduce oily skin. If facial oil begins to peak during the midday hours, one might consider doing an additional afternoon wash.

If facial skin begins to dry out, however, one might want to reduce the number of their daily cleansing regimen.

A number of skin care professionals also recommend a clay mask which has the ability to absorb oil, while others believe leaving a facial cleanser on the skin for 5 to 10 seconds before removing it.

Some skin care manufactures also offer a skin cleansing system which helps to eliminate breakouts while keeping the skin hydrated. This type of combination is ideal.

Because summertime promotes oil production, it might also be the right time to scale back on moisturizer application. Again, one needs to test the right amount in order to find the right balance.

Here are some other helpful hints to add onto the list:
Implement a nighttime skin care regimen which includes complete makeup removal Use a mild cleanser and/or non-soap cleanser Purchase cosmetics which are not oil-based and lean more towards mineral and/or water-based makeup
To avoid skin damage when outdoors, please use sunscreen. Those who are prone to acne may shy away from sunscreen thinking that it’s too oily but this is not the case. An oil-free, noncomedogenic sunscreen is the perfect solution.

Finding the right skincare routine may take some time but it can be achieved — and working with a skin care professional can make the road much easier.

Evolution Man: An Evolution in Skincare for Men

Evolution Man, an LA-based company, is changing the way men think about skincare with their brand new line of skincare products for men. The Evolution Man line offers everything a guy needs to be clean, protected and wrinkle-free.

The Good Stuff

With key ingredients like Algae Extract to balance skin’s moisture content, vitamin C to encourage collagen production, and Grape Seed Extract to soothe irritated skin, Evolution Man keeps men looking great at any age. Some of the products include Wash amp; Buff, Cleanse amp; Shave, Moisture Protect, Revitalize Eye Gel, and even a specially formulated lip balm.

And as an added bonus, the handsome white-on-black packaging makes these products perfectly OK to take in your gym bag, to work, or even in your overnight bag.

The Evolution Man products are missing a few things, too. They are specially formulated without all the nasty stuff like parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, GMOs, and Triclosan-all the stuff you don’t want in your skincare.

One of the faves

Conceal is an awesome product, and definitely a must-have in every guy’s man bag. It is basically a sheer lightweight concealer that smooths skin imperfections, blemishes and dark circles in seconds. It is easy to apply and stays on all day. Plus it is available in three shades: light, medium and dark. According to our guy testers, “It was a well spent $20.”

What people (like my guys) are saying:

Our team of guy testers sampled several Evolution Man products including the Wash amp; Buff, Cleanse amp; Shave, Moisture Protect, Revitalize Eye Gel, and the lip balm-the entire team loved all of the products.

A thirty-something tester said he liked the Moisture Protect SPF 20 because “It absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin. Plus it lasts all day and has a subtle scent.” He also liked the lip balm for the same reasons.

Our teen tester really liked the Wash amp; Buff “To keep skin clean and smooth.” He also liked the Moisture Protect SPF 20 and the lip balm “because they are simple ways to take care of your skin without a lengthy (and girly-feeling) routine.”

Evolution Man products range in price from $10 to $24, or they have entire skincare systems available for $110.
The entire Evolution Man line of products is available at www.evolution-man.com or at select retailers.

Skincare Tips for “Tweens”

A “tween” is usually defined as a child between the ages of 10 and 13. This is a time of transition, as the child is no longer a “little” boy or girl, but isn’t an adolescent, either.

However, it is not uncommon for the first signs of puberty to appear during the “tween” years.

These can range from the development of body odor in both boys and girls to the beginning of muscle mass formation in boys and the laying down of fat deposits in certain areas in girls. And, depending on genetics and other factors, many “tween” girls may begin menstruating during this time, and some boys may begin to mature sexually.

If your child is entering into the “tween” years, you may wonder if you really need to start worrying about skin care. When it comes to the formation of acne blemishes or other types of skin problems, you may not see this occurring to any extreme at the beginning, but that doesn’t mean your child doesn’t need to start learning a good skin routine.

If your “tween” is a boy, you may be thinking that you don’t need to read any further, because boys don’t have to be as concerned with their skin as girls. This is not true; all children need a skin care routine.

The most important element of a “tween” skin care routine is the use of sun screen. And, this applies to boys and girls. Severe sunburns suffered in childhood or early adolescents may increase the risk of skin cancer later in life.

And, even boys need a good cleansing routine. It may simply be a matter of using a mild soap and water for daily cleansing, but dirt and sweat need to be removed thoroughly and as soon as possible.

“Tween” girls may start noticing signs of oiliness or problems with blemishes. A good sin care routine can help control these problems before they get worse. In fact, properly cleansing the face may actually help alleviate the problems to some extent. Acne break-outs may be diminished, and oiliness may not be as noticeable with proper skin care.

And, it’s never too early to start moisturizing, and this, too, includes boys. The moisturizer should be lightweight so that it will not cause or contribute to oiliness. If your child participates in sports, the moisturizer should be sweat-resistant. All moisturizers should contain sun screen.

As your “tweens” mature, they will not have to worry about learning a skin care routine. They will already have one in place, and the results of it will most likely already be evident in the healthy complexion and even skin tone.


3 Skincare Secrets I Had to Learn Myself

With all the skin care advice available, beginning with our mothers and continuing all around the internet, you would think someone would have found a solution for what ails 17 million people in the United States alone-acne.

Like the rest of the population of acne sufferers, I tried everything I possibly could do to eradicate this problem. I exfoliated, used salicylic acid, went without makeup, had facials, and used only high end products for a long time. Nothing could permanently change my acne. I would see results for a month at best! Many people go to even more extreme measures (think major detox diets) to see results-often to no avail.

With a little logic I was finally able, after a 7 year battle, to discern my skincare needs in three simple steps. Finally I saw a permanent change in my complexion! Try these for yourself-it certainly won’t hurt and for me, these simple steps have been the cure I was feverishly searching for.

Skincare Secret #1
If it’s gentle enough for my baby, it’s perfect for my face.
After running out of my regular facial cleanser and out of time to hit the store, I had no choice to use what I had on hand. What I had on hand was baby shampoo. I reasoned for a minute that it didn’t hurt my son’s delicate skin so it would probably work for my skin for a day or two. It left my skin feeling clean, soft and elastic. I continued using it through the end of the week, then the end of the month, and now it’s been two years of original baby shampoo for my face. Not only is it the best cleanser I’ve ever used but at about $3 a bottle (which easily lasts 6-8 weeks) it’s a steal!

Skincare Secret #2
Italians have done it for thousands of years!
A couple of years back I began my love affair with extra-virgin olive oil. I cooked everything in it. I even loved it on my fresh strawberry salads. In my quest to find other ways to use this golden oil, I began researching olive oil skin care. At first I couldn’t wrap my mind around using an oil to combat oil, but I was desperate and I reasoned that Italians have been using olive oil on their skin for thousands of years so this advice must carry some weight. At first I used it on my body as a lotion replacement after showers. This is when I saw results. The backs of my arms became smoother and my skin took on a gorgeous glow! Overall my tone began improving. So on the face it went! It is, in my opinion, the single best thing a person can do for their complexion. Extra virgin olive oil has amazing anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It took roughly a month to see my acne fade but it has never returned since!

Skincare Secret #3
A little scrub here and there..
After I began seeing noticeable results from my nightly regimen of baby wash and olive oil, I noticed I had scars; something I never even thought about before as I just wanted the acne gone. I decided I needed one more adjustment. Microdermabrasion. I wasn’t willing to frequently go for treatments; I knew I needed something I could do at home. After a little searching online I found a perfect microdermabrasion and peel kit that I use every other night like clockwork.

So in a total of two months time I saw significant improvement in my skin tone. In fact, my acne went away and never came back! Take my advice and give a few of these (or all) tips a try!