7 Skincare Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin at any age is easier when you stick with a consistent skin cleansing and moisturizing regiment, wash off your makeup every night and stay out of the sun more often than not. However, many women are stuck in a routine that may actually be speeding up the aging process.

Rona Berg, author of the book Beauty: The New Basics points out that it’s never too late to take proper care of your face and take advantage of the latest skincare technologies. Here are just seven skincare mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your skin looking fresh, vibrant and free of wrinkles:

Skincare Mistake #1: Skipping the Moisturizer
Moisturizer acts as a protective barrier against the elements and will shield your skin from toxins. Moisturizer can also help to maintain skin elasticity, so make sure you’re applying it day and night to ward off wrinkles.

Skincare Mistake #2: Washing Your Face Before Washing Your Hair
This is a common mistake that many women make and don’t realize it has an effect until they change their routine. If you’re shampooing and conditioning your hair in the shower, those suds are likely getting trapped on your face. Make sure you’re cleansing and toning after the shower so that your pores are clean and clear.

Skincare Mistake #3: Using Oil Based Makeup
Many makeup brands made with natural oils can trigger breakouts because they clog up your pores and make it difficult for skin cells to turn over naturally. If you have acne-prone skin or are experiencing hormonal changes, stick with non-comedogenic products as often as possible.

Skincare Mistake #4: Washing Your Face in a Hot Shower
A hot shower does a body good, but scrubbing your face under the hot suds can dry out your skin and make it lose its natural emollients. Stick with cool water rinses when it’s time to cleanse or exfoliate.

Skincare Mistake #5: Over Exfoliating
Are you using a facial scrub, buffing sponge and a facial towel to get rid of dead skin cells? You could be setting your skin up for over drying and wrinkles. Exfoliate just once or twice per week with your preferred product or scrubbing tool and stick with cleansing and toning to preserve your healthy glow.

Skincare Mistake #6: Not Washing Off Eye Makeup
If you’re waking up with globs of mascara and crackled eye shadow, your eyelids may be prone to developing wrinkles and breakouts. Use a high quality eye makeup remover to keep your peepers looking youthful – and clean.

Skincare Mistake #7: Touching Your Face
Touching your face throughout the day, whether you’re just leaning on your hands or you’re glued to the cell phone, can take its toll on your skin. You are at a higher risk of breakouts and wrinkles with the constant trauma, so keep those fingers and products away from your skin to avoid contamination from germs and oils in your environment.



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