Bergdorf Goodman is Now Home to Korean Medicinal Herbal Skincare Line, Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo skincare, a long-time favored brand in Korea, opened its space in Bergdorf Goodman in late June of this year. Sulwhasoo gives rise to a new trend in skincare: medicinal herbal skincare.

The brand’s products focus on one core philosophy — beauty must be synergistically both internal and external. Sulwhasoo uses natural ingredients and ancient traditions as a foundation to harmonize opposing spectra of energy, thereby bringing out a healthier complexion.

Korea has a long history of medicinal herbal beauty experimentation, namely centered on a belief in ginseng and its many healing and beautifying properties, and today some 43 years later, Sulwhasoo has come to the fore of the pack with its new line of medicinal herbal skincare, now featured at Bergdorf Goodman.

The two products out of the new collection which are getting the most acclaim here in the states are the Concentrated Ginseng Cream which utilizes several forms of ginseng (ginseng root, ginseng berry, and ginseng water) and First Care Serum

Sulwhasoo couldn’t have picked a better time for this line, what with so many people going green and opting for more natural beauty regiments.

Sulwhasoo Products and Prices:

First Care Serum: $80

Concentrated Ginseng Cream: $220

Liquid Cleansing Foam: $36

Balancing Water: $55

Rejuvenating Eye Cream: $109

Revitalizing Serum: $120

Skin Clarifying Mask: $39

For a complete list of the products in this line, visit the Bergdorf Goodman blog.

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Product and pricing information taken from the Bergdorf Goodman blog.

Information regarding the brand’s philosophy and general history taken from the Sulwhasoo website.

All other information taken from the press release for Sulwhasoo’s launch at Bergdorf Goodman.

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