A Gemstone of Beauty for the Face: Jade is Nature’s Skincare Aid

The precious gemstone, Jade, makes beautiful, trinkets, jewelry, and other attractive items, and because it comes in different shades and colors it makes it that much more desirable. For dynasties, empresses of china valued jade not only for its monetary worth, but also for the properties it possessed as a beauty aid. As a result they had younger more supple looking skin.

The jade was not melted down or pounded into a powder pulp and whipped up into a mixture with added ingredients to obtain a special formula for application to the skin nor was it ingested. The empress would merely roll the stone all over her face in varying directions, and she did this everyday as part of her beauty regime. The stone has to be polished for use otherwise a jagged edge piece of jade would scratch and cut the skin.

The reasoning behind the use of jade is one of exfoliating and circulation flow. Jade will help to remove dead surface skin cells that soap and water can’t always do sufficiently. This works due to the oil sitting atop the surface. The oil will stick to the jade taking with it the dead skin cells. The benefit of blood flow circulation underneath the skin is caused from the rubbing done in the process of exfoliating. With increased blood flow circulation the skin will temporarily appear flushed possibly aiding collagen growth after the flush has disappeared.

Similar techniques are being applied today, and being marketed by popular skincare lines such as Neutrogena. They work by exfoliating the skin using an electrical hand held product that is pushed about on the face and moisturizing pillows to be thrown away after each use for softer, smoother more supple skin.

If anything battery powered or plugged into electricity isn’t alluring enough to use on the face, jade can still be put into practice. There are gem shows that carry all types of stones from jade to rubies. Flea markets, jewelry stores, pawnshops, and yard sales are other places to look. Be sure the jade gemstone is large enough to work. Try to find one at least as big as two fingers side by side. If possible a three finger stone is a much better choice because it’s easier to hold. Be sure it is smooth on all sides, and don’t worry about the color of jade. A pink shade of jade is just as effective as a green shade.

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