Malin + Goetz: Skincare in Manhattan

Malin + Goetz is now well into the middle of their fourth year in Manhattan and becoming a well known brand by anyone who is skin conscious. The concept behind the brand is simple, the products are a fantastic blend of nature and technology and the store is beautiful.

Mathew Malin is the beauty half of Malin + Goetz. Mathew graduated from school in 1990 and went on the spend two years at the Saks executive training program. From Saks Mathew took a position with Barney’s before it was the big Madison Avenue Co-Op that we know and love today. Mathew helped family owned and operated Barney’s for three years find and launch many new up and coming cosmetic brands such as Fresh, Philosophy and Kiehl’s. Kiehl’s became Mathew’s biggest client and they recruited him to come and be the head of their global distribution department. Mathew worked for Kiehl’s for five years until it was bought out by L’Oreal. From Kiel’s Mathew moved on to help family owned and operated Prada come up with and launch it’s cosmetic line as well as Helmut Lang and Jill Sanders perfumes. Unfortunately for Prada the cosmetic line was not a success.

From working with all of these companies Mathew had obtained quite a supply of fantastic products in his bathroom cabinet. However, since he suffers from rosacea, eczema and seborrhea Mathew could use only a few of these products. At the point when Prada ended is when Mathew, with a little help from his partner Andrew, began working on a business plan for Malin + Goetz.

Andrew Goetz is the other half of Malin + Goetz and is the architectural side. For ten years Andrew worked for Swiss based family owned and operated company Vitra finding and cultivating the careers of up and coming architects such as Frank Ghery. It is Andrew’s work that led to a relationship with 2×4 who is responsible for the design of the bottles and the design of the store.

Malin + Goetz products are based on the idea of simplicity. Everyone can use these items no matter what their skin conditions. They can be men or women, dry or oily, sensitive or not. The line is a set of cleansers and moisturizers for face, body and hair. The cleansers are amino acid based cleansers combined with great things from nature such as grapefruit and peppermint that rinse beautifully clean without stripping. The moisturizers are fatty acid based hydrators combined with such great natural elements as vitamin E and stable vitamin C to hydrate without leaving behind a film that can cause breakouts. The line as a whole is about thirty products. There are no pore clogging creams or oils and most of the moisturizers dry to a powder like finish.

If you can find a great cleaner and a great moisturizer from Malin + Goetz then you will be able to pair down your bathroom. You will be able to use the product and so will your partner. In a New York sized bathroom this is very important. You will not have a lot of stuff in your medicine cabinet and if you need to leave the bottles out on the vanity they look pretty thanks to 2×4. Also the bottles are color coded. Blue for face, Red for hair and Green for body. Then even a step further with dark colors for cleansers and light for moisturizers so if you can not read the label in the shower all you have to do is reach for the right color.

Another concept to Malin + Goetz is that they are your local apothecary. When you step into the store it is a very clean white box with a pharmacist counter where you can try the testers and get some great advice. The thought is you can come in and say something like “my scalp is itchy” and Mathew or his staff will run into the back and mix you up the perfect thing. Mathew has taught his staff exactly how to use each product so that they can teach you based on your own personal skin, body or hair concern. You do not need to use eight or nine products to get the results you want, a great cleanser and a great moisturizer will get the job done. They do also have some great detox oxidizing masks and topical Restalyn serums if you have more treatment related concerns. The bottles even mimic an old apothecary bottle where all you need is right on the front label: what is it called, how do you use it and what’s in it. Simple.

In the back of the store there is a perfumery with some great scents. As Mathew is allergic to synthetic fragrance the perfumes and candles are made from the finest ingredients. Like the skin, body and hair line the fragrances are designed to work together. With the Eu De Toilettes there is a natural scent such as lime tonic and a technological one such as synthesized musk and together they work perfectly. You can wear both for balance or you can wear one and your partner can wear the other and when you come together you are the perfect team and create the perfect balance.

Malin + Goetz has the right line for people who are sensitive or normal, dry or oily, male or female. Stop on in or check out their website to see how a two step system can change your life and make your skin the best it has ever been.

Malin + Goetz 177 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10011. 212-727-3777.

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