Malin + Goetz: Skincare in Manhattan

Malin + Goetz is now well into the middle of their fourth year in Manhattan and becoming a well known brand by anyone who is skin conscious. The concept behind the brand is simple, the products are a fantastic blend of nature and technology and the store is beautiful.

Mathew Malin is the beauty half of Malin + Goetz. Mathew graduated from school in 1990 and went on the spend two years at the Saks executive training program. From Saks Mathew took a position with Barney’s before it was the big Madison Avenue Co-Op that we know and love today. Mathew helped family owned and operated Barney’s for three years find and launch many new up and coming cosmetic brands such as Fresh, Philosophy and Kiehl’s. Kiehl’s became Mathew’s biggest client and they recruited him to come and be the head of their global distribution department. Mathew worked for Kiehl’s for five years until it was bought out by L’Oreal. From Kiel’s Mathew moved on to help family owned and operated Prada come up with and launch it’s cosmetic line as well as Helmut Lang and Jill Sanders perfumes. Unfortunately for Prada the cosmetic line was not a success.

From working with all of these companies Mathew had obtained quite a supply of fantastic products in his bathroom cabinet. However, since he suffers from rosacea, eczema and seborrhea Mathew could use only a few of these products. At the point when Prada ended is when Mathew, with a little help from his partner Andrew, began working on a business plan for Malin + Goetz.

Andrew Goetz is the other half of Malin + Goetz and is the architectural side. For ten years Andrew worked for Swiss based family owned and operated company Vitra finding and cultivating the careers of up and coming architects such as Frank Ghery. It is Andrew’s work that led to a relationship with 2×4 who is responsible for the design of the bottles and the design of the store.

Malin + Goetz products are based on the idea of simplicity. Everyone can use these items no matter what their skin conditions. They can be men or women, dry or oily, sensitive or not. The line is a set of cleansers and moisturizers for face, body and hair. The cleansers are amino acid based cleansers combined with great things from nature such as grapefruit and peppermint that rinse beautifully clean without stripping. The moisturizers are fatty acid based hydrators combined with such great natural elements as vitamin E and stable vitamin C to hydrate without leaving behind a film that can cause breakouts. The line as a whole is about thirty products. There are no pore clogging creams or oils and most of the moisturizers dry to a powder like finish.

If you can find a great cleaner and a great moisturizer from Malin + Goetz then you will be able to pair down your bathroom. You will be able to use the product and so will your partner. In a New York sized bathroom this is very important. You will not have a lot of stuff in your medicine cabinet and if you need to leave the bottles out on the vanity they look pretty thanks to 2×4. Also the bottles are color coded. Blue for face, Red for hair and Green for body. Then even a step further with dark colors for cleansers and light for moisturizers so if you can not read the label in the shower all you have to do is reach for the right color.

Another concept to Malin + Goetz is that they are your local apothecary. When you step into the store it is a very clean white box with a pharmacist counter where you can try the testers and get some great advice. The thought is you can come in and say something like “my scalp is itchy” and Mathew or his staff will run into the back and mix you up the perfect thing. Mathew has taught his staff exactly how to use each product so that they can teach you based on your own personal skin, body or hair concern. You do not need to use eight or nine products to get the results you want, a great cleanser and a great moisturizer will get the job done. They do also have some great detox oxidizing masks and topical Restalyn serums if you have more treatment related concerns. The bottles even mimic an old apothecary bottle where all you need is right on the front label: what is it called, how do you use it and what’s in it. Simple.

In the back of the store there is a perfumery with some great scents. As Mathew is allergic to synthetic fragrance the perfumes and candles are made from the finest ingredients. Like the skin, body and hair line the fragrances are designed to work together. With the Eu De Toilettes there is a natural scent such as lime tonic and a technological one such as synthesized musk and together they work perfectly. You can wear both for balance or you can wear one and your partner can wear the other and when you come together you are the perfect team and create the perfect balance.

Malin + Goetz has the right line for people who are sensitive or normal, dry or oily, male or female. Stop on in or check out their website to see how a two step system can change your life and make your skin the best it has ever been.

Malin + Goetz 177 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10011. 212-727-3777.

Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles: Review

The renowned Seattle Calidora Skincare Clinic is sharing its goods with those on the Hollywood Scene in the form of Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles. Known for providing excellent skincare services, Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles provides full services to clients who desire perfection and well managed healthy skincare.

One of the things that is unique to the Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles and the Calidora Skincare System is their individual and custom approach to skincare solutions for their clients. The goal is for those who choose to use the advanced technology used in the treatments and products offered at Calidora Skincare Clinic, to achieve vibrant fresh and youthful skin.

All clients who choose to visit Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles receive a 60-minute complimentary skincare analysis. The expert skincare professionals at Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles use photo imaging to provide a true analysis and skin evaluation, which is followed by a personal, customized skincare regimen based on the issues found in the analysis. The customize Skinplan for each client is designed so that the client reaches a realistic goal of achieving healthy and youthful skin.

Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles offers other special treatments such as Urgent Blemish Control, to rid skin of pimples in record time for special occasions. However the main skincare services offered at Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles include facials, microcurrent, microdermabrasion, pure O2, rejuvenator, customized chemical peels, sun and age spot removal, laser hair removal, acne treatment, veins and diffuse redness, skin tightening, facial rejuvenation, body contouring, fat and cellulite reduction, botox, restylane, juvederm, radiesse, and more.

Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles offers gift cards as an excellent choice for special days. An excellent way to use them is the Calidora Signature Custom Facial, which provides the after effects of acne control, tightening of skin, lifting of skin, improved pigmentation, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliation, hydration, collagen stimulation, cellular renewal and more.

Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles offers several locations including Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, and in the Glendale area. The Santa Monica location for Calidora Skincare Clinic is located at 1413 Montana Avenue. The Marina del Rey Calidora Skincare Clinic is located at The Waterside. The Glendale Calidora Skincare Clinic is located at Americana at Brand. For more information and available appointments at the various locations for Calidora Skincare Clinic throughout the Los Angeles area may call 877-848-2414 or visit the Web site for Calidora.

Natural Collagen Inventia Face & Cleavage Elixir: For Younger Healthier Looking Skin

Collagen boosters for the skin have been growing in popularity for many years now. But until now nothing has taken the headlines quite like the new Natural Collagen skincare line from Inventia.

Natural Collagen Inventia Face and Cleavage Elixir has quickly become a favorite in the beauty world. As its unique form of collagen is durable and easily absorbed into the skin, it provides the ideal anti-aging properties for mature skin. As we age, a shortage of collagen in the skin develops, robbing skin of its plump youthful appearance. This new elixir from Inventia has been specially formulated to combat this issue for both men and women.

How Natural Collagen Inventia Face amp; Cleavage Elixir works

Natural Collagen Inventia is derived from rigorously inspected select skins of fresh water planktonophagous fish. This highly guarded proprietary process creates “live” collagen, which is compatible to human DNA, allowing for better absorption by the skin. This revolutionary technology provides the skin with a reduction in wrinkles, and promotes very soft smooth skin as it is specially designed to be used on the face and chest areas twice daily.

Natural Collagen Inventia ingredients

Besides the “live” collagen from the planktonophagous fish, Natural Collagen Inventia Face and Cleavage Elixir also contains Borage Oil, an essential fatty acid, Trylagen┬«, a blend of active peptides and proteins, Sojadine, a natural source of vitamins A amp; E, Hydromanil, a moisturizing plant component, Hyaluronic Acid, which is known to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and pomegranate seed oil, which contains a rare acid, known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. All of these fabulous natural ingredients infuse skin with each use, leaving behind firmer, softer, younger looking skin.

What people (like me) are saying about Natural Collagen Inventia Face amp; Cleavage Elixir:

After using the elixir for only two weeks, I could see a huge difference especially on my neck and chest. My skin looks firmer, more evenly toned, and much smoother overall. I have to admit I was a little grossed out about the “fish” thing at first, but I am definitely glad I tried it anyway. The results I received in such a short time were absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see the results with continued use!

Where you can get Natural Collagen Inventia products

Natural Collagen Inventia Face amp; Cleavage Elixir is available for $106 for 30 ml. bottle at, along with the entire line of products including Natural Collagen Inventia FACE, Night Cream, Under Eye Elixir, amp; Nano Gold Crystal Mask.

Safely Taking Care of Your Skin

The pursuit to remain looking as young as long as you can has become an important passion for many people, especially baby boomers. Not only women, but men as well, have become very conscious of the appearance of their skin. Women, especially though, want to maintain smooth, soft and wrinkle free skin. Taking good care of your skin is very important, not just for vanity as you grow older, but for your health and well being.

We tend to forget that our skin is not only one of our most important vital organs, but the largest one, as well. Our skin is the organ that is the first and most exposed of our organs to potential harmful elements in our environment. So as we take appropriate steps for better care of our heart, our lungs, and our endocrine system, it is important to consider the health of our skin.

Throughout our life, these are some of the very important functions that our skin has been doing for us.
1) Our skin has been protecting our internal organs from harmful injuries and has acted as a defense against dangerous infections and bacteria.
2) Just as our liver and kidneys have acted to detoxify our bodies, our skin has been detoxifying our bodies through perspiration.
3) Our skin has been a regulatory thermostat helping to control the flow of heat in our bodies.
4) Vitamin D, an important vitamin, has been produced and stored by our skin.
5) Our skin has acted as a sensory receptor that has faithfully alerted us to important elements such as hot, cold, sharp, and rough substances.
6) Our skin has kept us from becoming dehydrated.

In the quest to have healthy skin for your entire life, it is important to choose carefully from among the hundreds of skin care products. Just because the ingredients in skin care products are not swallowed does not mean that potentially harmful elements do not affect our bodies. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies.

Therefore, products that contain certain ingredients such as parabens, phenol carbolic acids, propylene glycol, acrylamide, sodium laurel or lauryl sulfate, toluene, dioxane, mineral oil, paraffin, and petrolatum should be avoided as you take care of your skin. These elements have been known to interfere with our bodies endocrine system, cause circulatory and respiratory problems, cause kidney or liver abnormalities and damage, skin irritations, possible links to cancer and tumors, cause a breakdown of the skins moisture barrier, problems with anemia and blood cell count, slow cellular development, and have possible harmful effects to fetus development.

If that isn’t scary enough, it is interesting that some of these very ingredients are found in products such as antifreeze, windshield cleaners, engine degreasers and garage floor cleaners.

In addition to using healthy skin care products for good care of your skin, watch for these same ingredients in perfumes and fragrance oils.

It is always wise to protect your skin from harsh winds, extreme heat, and cold. Avoid the use of harsh soaps and wash your skin gently. Refrain from smoking which causes deep lines and skin deterioration. And, of course, avoid the harsh rays of the sun.

A Few Things You Need to Know About Vitamin E and C for Skincare – Part 2

I started to write about vitamin C amp; E and how they can be helpful for good health and skin. My writing continues here…

The third literature I want to talk about is not a research paper, but a book. It is “Skin Aging Handbook: An Integrated Approach to Biochemistry and Product Development” by Dr. Nava Dayan. In her book, she mentions, “… another study found the derivative a -tocopherol sorbate (5 percent) to be more effective than a -tocopherol in decreasing free radicals and protecting against chronic UV-induced photoaging, as measured by decreased wrinkling in mice”. She goes to explain that the combination of vitamins C and E provide antioxidant protection. A high oral dose of these two vitamins provide provide protection against UV-induced erythema in humans, whereas either vitamin alone is not very effective.

I have been researching on what vitamins are more responsible for repairing our skin, because damaged skin is not healthy skin. Our skin is damaged by UV rays, blemishes, toxins, and such. While doing this research, I found out that vitamin C and E are very much part of the picture. However, I did find different takes on that. I have tried to present three of my finding above. I would present even more my findings, but that will become long and tedious for you and I wanted to avoid that.

The first research claims that a combination of vitamin C and E will protect our skin from sun damage, but we will have to take it for at least 10 weeks before we see any positive change. The second research says that there is no change from taking vitamin C OR E in terms of protecting our skin from sun damage – however, their research subject didn’t take a combination of the two vitamins and neither did they take the supplements for as long as 10 weeks or more. I would also like to point out that these two researches used research subjects with skin type I, II, and III – all of whom have light skin and of European decent. I wish they had included some more varieties of skin types in their researches, so that a wider range of readers could relate to the researches.

Here are my two cents: I cannot say for sure if vitamin C and/or E indeed help in protecting our skin from sun damage from the research that I have done. However, from personal experience, I can say that vitamin E and C does help to improve my facial skin’s appearance. Vitamin E is responsible for helping in repairing DNA among other physiological processes. Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) is responsible for maintaining the healthy structure of our skin among other metabolic processes; it is also responsible for producing collagen and collagen is what maintains the elasticity of our body’s muscles. Thus, vitamin C helps to reduce wrinkles and scars. Both vitamins are antioxidants and are supposed to help our bodies and skin in one way or the other. So, personally, I decide to eat food that are rich in both and supplement my diet with both supplements. At the end of the day, I am healthy and so is my skin.

I know this has been a long blogpost – what lesson you want to take away from this blogpost is entirely upto you. I have found vitamin C and E to be very helpful in maintaining good health and skin, I hope that you will too. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or ask me over Twitter @kajalreviews. Also, visit to find unbiased reviews on many natural, safe, organic, and mineral skin care product reviews.

Thank you very much for reading!

An interesting paper on vitamin C:

Skin type definitions are followed from the Fitzpatrick Classification Scale, which can be found here:

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and opinion that are unbiased. The decision of how you want to accept or deny them is your choice and I am not responsible for that.

Celebrity Skincare on a Budget

While stars such as Charlize Theron and Renee Zellwegger spend the day relaxing at Ole Henrikson Face/Body in Los Angeles, most of us aren’t quite as willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a facial or skincare treatment. Hollywood beauties have access to plenty of resources for high-end skincare regiments; even though it’s not easy looking like a million for the red carpet, many pull off their looks with the help of elaborate body treatments and luxurious pampering at a stylish resort.

Back in the real world, most women look to quality cosmetics and beauty products for glamorous looks and healthy skin. A healthy skincare regimen is essential for glowing skin, regardless of products used. Yet many people, women in particular, make the mistake of thinking they need to shell out the big bucks to see results. It’s actually quite easy to learn from celebrities and enjoy a treatment without a severe impact on that (Gucci) wallet. Here are a few skincare product recommendations for those who live life just a little below the ranks of a Hollywood salary:

For a fresh glow that doesn’t require that caked-on foundation look, follow the style of Cameron Diaz who uses a mineral powder sunscreen from Colorscience. Colorscience is a leading brand for mineral makeup and supreme coverage. Clear pores are only natural when you’re not filling them with toxic material; try the i.d. bareMinerals brand for a low-cost alternative, or the line from Jane Iredale that uses micronized crystals.

Eva Longoria insists on the SunFX Glow All Over skin care line to stay far away from those harmful rays–all without compromising the Mediterranean-kissed glow. SunFX features an all over spray tan, body shimmer, body polish, and tinted moisturizer, and application sessions are available through spas at a price of $85-$100 per treatment. For a similar look, pick up a St. Tropez starter collection for just $49.95; you’ll get at least two treatments from this quality lineup.

Thread lifts, Botox, and Restalyne are always top picks for stars on the red carpet, a microdermabrasion treatment or Botox therapy come at a high price. Without upkeep and maintenance, even a single treatment can prove to be less than fruitful. If you need a deep pore treatment or exfoliation, try a basic 30-minute facial at the local spa that includes a mud-based mask. For improving the texture and tone of your skin, look for a overnight firming creams such as Estee Lauder’s Resilience Lift Extreme Overnight, or a Phyto Corrective Gel from

In early February, the partnership between Giorgio Armani and L’Oreal led to the Crema Nera skin care line, an anti-aging skin care formula that’s scheduled to launch in Fall 2007 at Armani stores. If you’re having trouble justifying the $400 per product price tag, consider anti-aging creams and brands with similar properties. Crema Nera is a rich white cream infused with silicium, potassium, and volcanic obsidian rock. You can find quality anti-aging treatments from brands such as Clinique’s Repairwar and Derma White, or an organic approach with Eminence Organics.

From exfoliating facials to spray-on tanning products, looking like a celebrity doesn’t require spending like one! When you’re on the hunt for some fresh alternatives to your beauty lineup, take some time to research key ingredients and track down those budget-friendly alternatives.