The Anti-Aging Journey

For those of you under 30, anti-aging skincare is probably not the highest priority on your to-do list. But for those of us past 30 (and past 40, I must be honest), even if we never thought of ourselves as vain, we do glance in the mirror and wonder if we’re doing enough to keep our skin looking young for as long as possible.

I have been blessed (thanks Mom!) with good genes. Folks in my gene pool tend to look 10 or more years younger than their actual age for a long time. Even in their 80’s (we live a long time too), my family members look great. But even good genes aren’t enough, especially if you like to spend time outdoors.

Here are some anti-aging skin care tips to help you along.

Drink plenty of water. Really, it is not an old wives tale. Staying hydrated keeps your skin plump and young looking. Dehydrated skin looks dry and wrinkly. Eat right and take your vitamins. If you’re eating fast food, sweets and sodas, you’re not doing your skin any favors. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. Your waistline and your skin will thank you. Exercise. Right along with a healthy diet, exercise keeps you young–inside and out.

Use good quality skin care products. I’m sorry ladies, but soap and water are not going to make you a natural beauty. You don’t need a complicated regimen, but a cleanser and moisturizer suitable to your skin type should form the backbone of your anti-aging skin care routine. Look for anti-aging cosmetics. As we age we don’t want to look heavily made up, as if we’re trying to hide something. What you do want is simple daily make up that both enhances your skin and makes you look younger. Wear a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 every day. Preferably use one with natural sun blocking ingredients, such as zinc, and not chemical blockers.

Wash your face every night, even if you didn’t wear make up. Cosmetics, oils and environmental toxins need to be washed away before you jump into bed. Think of all the dirt, pollens and pollutants floating around in the air that have been quietly making themselves comfortable on your skin; get rid of them and prevent environmental damage to your skin.

Don’t smoke. Talk about toxic pollutants that can damage your skin. Non-smokers will always look younger than smokers.

The anti-aging journey doesn’t need to be filled with rocky roads and washed out bridges, just follow these simple, healthy tips and you can keep your youthful appearance for many years.

7 Skincare Mistakes that Make You Look Older

Maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin at any age is easier when you stick with a consistent skin cleansing and moisturizing regiment, wash off your makeup every night and stay out of the sun more often than not. However, many women are stuck in a routine that may actually be speeding up the aging process.

Rona Berg, author of the book Beauty: The New Basics points out that it’s never too late to take proper care of your face and take advantage of the latest skincare technologies. Here are just seven skincare mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your skin looking fresh, vibrant and free of wrinkles:

Skincare Mistake #1: Skipping the Moisturizer
Moisturizer acts as a protective barrier against the elements and will shield your skin from toxins. Moisturizer can also help to maintain skin elasticity, so make sure you’re applying it day and night to ward off wrinkles.

Skincare Mistake #2: Washing Your Face Before Washing Your Hair
This is a common mistake that many women make and don’t realize it has an effect until they change their routine. If you’re shampooing and conditioning your hair in the shower, those suds are likely getting trapped on your face. Make sure you’re cleansing and toning after the shower so that your pores are clean and clear.

Skincare Mistake #3: Using Oil Based Makeup
Many makeup brands made with natural oils can trigger breakouts because they clog up your pores and make it difficult for skin cells to turn over naturally. If you have acne-prone skin or are experiencing hormonal changes, stick with non-comedogenic products as often as possible.

Skincare Mistake #4: Washing Your Face in a Hot Shower
A hot shower does a body good, but scrubbing your face under the hot suds can dry out your skin and make it lose its natural emollients. Stick with cool water rinses when it’s time to cleanse or exfoliate.

Skincare Mistake #5: Over Exfoliating
Are you using a facial scrub, buffing sponge and a facial towel to get rid of dead skin cells? You could be setting your skin up for over drying and wrinkles. Exfoliate just once or twice per week with your preferred product or scrubbing tool and stick with cleansing and toning to preserve your healthy glow.

Skincare Mistake #6: Not Washing Off Eye Makeup
If you’re waking up with globs of mascara and crackled eye shadow, your eyelids may be prone to developing wrinkles and breakouts. Use a high quality eye makeup remover to keep your peepers looking youthful – and clean.

Skincare Mistake #7: Touching Your Face
Touching your face throughout the day, whether you’re just leaning on your hands or you’re glued to the cell phone, can take its toll on your skin. You are at a higher risk of breakouts and wrinkles with the constant trauma, so keep those fingers and products away from your skin to avoid contamination from germs and oils in your environment.


A Gemstone of Beauty for the Face: Jade is Nature’s Skincare Aid

The precious gemstone, Jade, makes beautiful, trinkets, jewelry, and other attractive items, and because it comes in different shades and colors it makes it that much more desirable. For dynasties, empresses of china valued jade not only for its monetary worth, but also for the properties it possessed as a beauty aid. As a result they had younger more supple looking skin.

The jade was not melted down or pounded into a powder pulp and whipped up into a mixture with added ingredients to obtain a special formula for application to the skin nor was it ingested. The empress would merely roll the stone all over her face in varying directions, and she did this everyday as part of her beauty regime. The stone has to be polished for use otherwise a jagged edge piece of jade would scratch and cut the skin.

The reasoning behind the use of jade is one of exfoliating and circulation flow. Jade will help to remove dead surface skin cells that soap and water can’t always do sufficiently. This works due to the oil sitting atop the surface. The oil will stick to the jade taking with it the dead skin cells. The benefit of blood flow circulation underneath the skin is caused from the rubbing done in the process of exfoliating. With increased blood flow circulation the skin will temporarily appear flushed possibly aiding collagen growth after the flush has disappeared.

Similar techniques are being applied today, and being marketed by popular skincare lines such as Neutrogena. They work by exfoliating the skin using an electrical hand held product that is pushed about on the face and moisturizing pillows to be thrown away after each use for softer, smoother more supple skin.

If anything battery powered or plugged into electricity isn’t alluring enough to use on the face, jade can still be put into practice. There are gem shows that carry all types of stones from jade to rubies. Flea markets, jewelry stores, pawnshops, and yard sales are other places to look. Be sure the jade gemstone is large enough to work. Try to find one at least as big as two fingers side by side. If possible a three finger stone is a much better choice because it’s easier to hold. Be sure it is smooth on all sides, and don’t worry about the color of jade. A pink shade of jade is just as effective as a green shade.

Product Review: MD Skincare Dr. Dennis Gross Lift & Lighten Eye Cream

MD Skincare’s Lift amp; Lighten Eye Cream had been in my makeup bag for over six months because I’d never had the patience to use it every day and night. I decided to open up the tube a couple of weeks ago after I only got 3 hours of sleep and woke up to bags big enough to carry $50 worth of groceries.

After washing my face and patting it dry I applied a dot of the beige colored cream under both of my eyes with my ring finger, and it looks thick but it spreads really easily. I made sure to get the entire area that had puffed up including the perimeter and I also got into the inner corners of my eye. I even put a little on the top lid since it was felt droopy and puffy too. At first I didn’t notice anything different but I’d say within six or seven minutes of applying I literally felt my the skin under my eyes tighten and lift up as if some invisible force was pulling it up. It was amazing. I don’t remember exactly when I ran to look in the mirror but it was within the next hour and I noticed that my bags seemed to deflate like someone had stuck a pin through them.

I thought that the skin would detract and tighten right back into place immeditately but that didn’t happen. The skin stayed sort of loose for the remainder of the day and when I felt it the skin didn’t feel firm at all, and even worse I looked horrible because I no longer had the puffy skin but I still had the dark under-eye circles. It looked so strange because normally when you see people with darkness under the eyes it’s always accompanied by bags. So flat skin with a huge dark circle from where the puffiness had been looked ridiculous, so if you’re going to use this product for the first time do so on a weekend when you don’t have to go outside or make sure to have concealer on hand.

Even though the dark circles and loose skin freaked me out a bit, I made sure to keep using the cream and I used it again at night as MD Skincare directs on the package. When I woke up the next day my skin was much tighter and firmer than it was on the previous day. I’ve used it every day, twice a day for a week now and I’ve noticed that the more and more I’ve used the cream the less I feel it lifting my eyes since there isn’t much to lift anymore and an added benefit is that I feel more alert and have more energy. I guess heavy lids must send a signal to my brain that I’m tired and need more rest, but now when I wake up my lids feel tight and light and I feel more rested and ready to start my day, and now I’m able to know when I am really tired now.

I must say that this Lift amp; Lighten Eye Cream is absolutely amazing, it’s has no perfumes and no dyes and I apply it all over my eyes even when my eyes are watery and it has never burned or stung my eyes. After a week not only do I not have puffy eyes anymore, but my dark circles have lightened at least three shades. I never noticed how dark they were before but they were a deep purple in the inner corners and a bit lighter in the center, and now the inner corners have faded to a light brown and the center of the under-eye isn’t dark at all anymore. I know that if I use this cream consistently for two or three more weeks the circles will be gone completely. I never noticed how much older the circles made me look, but now I look younger, fresher, brighter and healthier and I’ve only been using the cream for a week.

I give MD Skincare Lift amp; Lighten Eye Cream 5 stars, it is one of the best products I’ve ever used and it does everything it claims to do. I recommend this to women and men who are older and have severe bags, this product will allow you to go out without concealer. I also recommend it to young people who want to get a head start on preventing the aging process. I suggest using it as early as the teens and twenties because the earlier you can prevent the under-eye from retaining fluid and stretching out the delicate skin, the firmer your skin will be and the younger you’ll look. For anyone who wants to look younger and brighter buy it and use it consistently and you won’t be disappointed.

Dealing with Eczema

Eczema is dermatitis, which is an inflammation of the upper layers of skin. It is a rash that is either persistent or recurring with itchiness and dryness of the skin. There are four common types of eczema.

Atopic eczema or dermatitis, as the name suggests, involves a hereditary predisposition. This type of eczema occurs in families with a history of hay fever, asthma, or eczema. Contact dermatitis occurs due to contact with an allergic or irritant substance. Xerotic eczema is dry skin that becomes so dry it turns in to eczema. This type of eczema is more common in the winter. Seborrheic dermatitis is also known as cradle cap. It occurs when the sebaceous glands cause the skin to become oily. This type of eczema normally occurs on the scalp and eyebrows.

There is no cure for eczema. However, eczema sufferers can do a variety of things to help control symptoms and to lessen the frequency and intensity of eczema episodes. The most common prescription treatments include a cortisone based cream and an antipruritic. If you, or someone in your family, suffer from eczema, it is important to consult your family doctor or a specialist.

There are many things you can do at home to help treat and lessen eczema. Although eczema is not curable, many young children who have eczema eventually outgrow it or have less frequent episodes with time.

The most basic treatment is to avoid harsh scented soaps and detergents because both remove natural oils from the skin. Use mild soaps or oil based cleansers that will not dry out the skin. When bathing, use soap only where needed, elsewhere on the body use just water. Avoid scrubbing the skin with sponges or towels instead lather up using only your hands. Warm water will not dry out the skin as much as hot water. For the bath, the best option is a shower and the coolest water you can manage.

Moisturizing the skin after the bath and avoiding further loss of natural oils is very important. When drying off, do not rub the skin with the towel instead pat the skin dry, or if possible let the skin air dry. If the temperature permits apply an oil, such as baby oil or almond oil, while the skin is still moist and allow to air-dry. Other moisturizers can also be helpful. You may need to try a couple of different kinds until you find the one that is best suited for you. When looking for a moisturizer or oil select one for dry skin and unscented. Eczema prone skin should be moisturized at least twice a day.

When an eczema break out does occur, you may need to apply a prescription ointment or cream. Some non-prescription relief from the itchiness does exist. You can apply Vaseline, calamine, oatmeal baths, ice packs, or an over the counter antipruritic. To reduce the itching it is also important to avoid sweating and to wear cotton clothes.

Especially in the cases of atopic eczema and contact dermatitis, the clothes you wear and the type of laundry detergent you use are important. Avoid itchy clothes, and prefer cotton and other fabrics that do not itch. If a particular piece of clothing seems to cause you to itch, it should not be worn. Use unscented detergents for the laundry and rinse the clothes a second time. Most washing machines will allow you to run the rinse cycle a second time.

When treating eczema each case is individual. This article covers general care rules; however, no one treatment is successful for everyone. Some people will do well with a mild soap, others will need to avoid soap altogether to keep the eczema in check. If you suffer from eczema, you will need to try different bath soaps or cleansers, different moisturizers, and even different laundry detergents until you find the combination that suits your skin.

The adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is especially true for eczema sufferers. Although these indications may be a drastic change in routine, they are not as uncomfortable as itchy skin.


Lierac Cosmeceutical Skincare

Thanks to retailers like Sephora and Saks Fifth Avenue, a popular French skin care line called Lierac has made its way to American shores. So far, Lierac is only available at a few locations of the two retailers, but it is also available online at Sephora. Ales Group, which develops, manufactures and distributes Lierac, also brings us Phytologie and Phytotherathrie, two of the most highly sought after hair care lines in the world.

(Phytologie is the professional line, while Phytotherathrie is distributed at retailers like Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus and other large department stores.) Ales Group also distributes SA Parfums Caron, Yardley perfumes, and manufactures pharmeceuticals. The group also developed a line of hair care products for the Jacques Dessange salons. Whether it’s hair care, skin care or vitamins, Ales Group prides itself on its extensive use of highly effective and highly concentrated botanical formulas.

Lierac Cosmeceutical Skincare is a comprehensive line merging advanced scientific research with the pleasurable quality of cosmetic beauty care. The line is extensive, with over 50 products available to the U.S. market, and even more available in Europe. So, no matter how your skin is (mis)behaving, Lierac has just the product to give you the complexion you’ve always wanted!

Although the line seems a bit daunting at first it is actually fairly straightforward. It’s divided into 3 groups Basic (your daily routine of cleansers and toners), Ethic (targeted treatments for particular areas and/or problems) and Specific (for specific skin types and for antiaging regimens.

Basic/Les Basiques – Essential products for your daily beauty routine.
Cleansers and Toners
Gentle Makeup Remover Lotion/ Lait Demaquillant Douceur
a soothing, nonaggressive formula containing hyaluronic acid, papaya and calendula to gently cleanse and soften the skin.
Gentle Toning Lotion/ Lotion Tonique Douceur
The toner contains a high concentration of moisturizing and desensitizing plant ingredients to soften and revitalize the skin.
Refreshing Makeup Remover Lotion/ Lait Demaquillant Fraicheur
(for normal or combination skin) Gentle cleansing agents and extracts of grapefruit and burdock regulate sebaceous secretions, leaving skin clean and shinefree.
Refreshing Toning Lotion/ Lotion Tonique Fraicheur
This toner contains a high concentration of balancing and clarifying plant ingredients to leave skin clear and healthy. It is an essential complement to the cleansing milk.
Cleansing Water for Face and Eyes
(for all skin types) Rich in soothing and moisturizing botanical extracts, this cleansing water gently cleans even the most delicate skin and the fragile eye area.

Moisturizing, Repair Velvet Mask/ Masque Velours
For overwrought skin, this concentrate of pampering ingredients plumps the skin from within to replenish and moisturize in depth.
Exfoliating, Purifying and Clarifying Mask/ Masque Clarte
For dull, uneven and lackluster complexions, this mask contains ultragentle microspheres to purify and clarify the skin, leaving it refreshed and clean.
Stimulating and Firming Beauty Mask/ Masque Lifting
Ideal for fatigued skin, this mask is formulated with tightening agents and natural extracts to instantly smooth features, tone and rejuvenate the skin.

Tonic Exfoliating Care for Body/ Soin Exfoliant Corps
To deep cleanse the skin and refine its texture while helping stimulate cell renewal. These formulas contain papaya, peach, althea, matricaria extracts as well as allantoin.
Exfoliating Radiance Care for Face/ Soin Exfoliant Lumiere Visage – Refining scrub for face.

Refreshing Body Care
HydroTonic Shower Gel/ Gel Douche Eclat Corps
Invigorating botanical shower gel.
HydroTonic Treatment Spray/ Spray Eclat Corps
Use gel first to gently cleanse the skin, leaving it satinysoft and delicately scented. Then use the spray, formulated with antistress ingredients for firmer, moisturized, satinsmooth skin. The spray, which does not use denatured grain alcohol like most fragrances, can even be used in the sun.

Specific/ Les Specifiques
Targeted skin care products that help preserve the youth and beauty of skin at any age.

Antiwrinkle phytocosmetic treatments for wrinkle prevention and control age 30+. The Deridium line contains almond oil, coneflower, squalene, lady’s mantle, and horsetail extracts to prevent and control fine lines and wrinkles. Alchemilla, ivy and horsetail stimulate cell renewal and smooth away wrinkles, while plantderived moisturizers boost and maintain optimal skin hydration. Vitamin E and coneflower extract also provide extra protection against free radicals.Deridium Cream for Dry/Over Dry Skin/ Deridium Peaux Seches
Enriched with botanical moisturizing agents, this intensive nourishing cream counteracts the causes of visible signs of skin aging.
Deridium Cream for Normal/ Combination Skin/ Deridium Peaux Normales
This complete day and night cream includes a high concentration of botanical extracts in a cream with a light, smooth texture.
Deridium Serum
This serum is a 20 to 30 day intensive program for all skin types. It helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves skin smooth, taut and toned.

Essential from the age of 40, Coherence is a skincare system based on collagen III accelerators. The action of these vectors give the skin a true firming and moisturizing boost. Coherence is a complete program that helps rejuvenate and firm aging skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. Coherence is wrinkle control, rejuvenation and firmness for age 40+.
Coherence Skin Firming Care (dry skin formula)/ Coherence Nutri – Enriched with vitamin C and calcium.
Coherence Rejuvenating Skin Firming Day Care/ Coherence Jour- This formula, rich in Coherence Vectors and vitamins, helps the skin to look smoother, firmer and radiant. The Coherence line contains squalene, cholesterol, lecithin, vitamin E and shea butter to protect and rejuvenate the skin.
Coherence Lip Contour Lifting Care/ Coherence Levres – A lip contour “lift” formula to help protect the youthful appearance, plumping them and enhancing the staying power of lipstick.
Coherence Rejuvenating Skin Firming Night Care – At night, Coherence Vectors and a synergy of magnesium and potassium hyaluronate help repair the skin.
Coherence 21 Day Lift Effect Cure/ Coherence Concentre Absolu – A 21 day program for an intensive lift treatment.
Coherence Neck Firmer/ Coherence Cou – Incorporating a high concentration of Coherence Vectors, this creamgel is an advanced tightening and firming treatment for the neck and decollate. It’s lightweight, fast absorbing formula leaves skin feeling smooth and supple.

Care for reactive or sensitive skin. Apaisance products are formulated with celandine, horse chestnut, arnica, helichrysum (all of which reduce the size and redness of capillaries) and LindenFlower Proanthocyan that has strong antiinflammatory, antihistaminic and antifree radical properties.
Apaisance Couperose – Specific care for redness and visible signs of couperose. An extremely gentle formula, with instantly visible results due to the presence of green pigments which minimize red skin tones. Helps prevent sensitive reactions while reducing the appearance of redness. This calming formula contains macadamia, linden, arnica and almond protein extracts as well as Sodium PCA.
Highly Recommended: Apaisance Spray – Desensitizing Spray an “SOS formula” to instantly calm, soothe and refresh sensitized skin. This also contains Alpha Bisabolol, that instantly soothes inflammations. This is excellent for post waxing and post-peel procedures.

Regulance for oily or acne-prone skin.
Regulance Clarifying Lotion/ Regulance Lotion Clarifiante – Incorporating an advanced AHA complex, this hightolerance lotion evens out and clarifies dull complexions, while helping to prevent shine. Orris root, glycolic and lactic acids make this formula perfect for smoothing uneven complexions.
Regulance ShineControl Emulsion/ Regulance Emulsion Matifiante – This fluidcream protects, moisturizes, and instantly controls shine to leave skin matte, fresh and supple.

Sequissimo – for dry and dehydrated skin. Cocoglycerides, almond extract and camellia extract work to counteract dryness and prevent dehydration. This puts the supple, deeply hydrated feel back to the complexion.
Sequissimo Gentle Moisturizing Fluid/ Sequissimo Fluide – This fresh, lightweight fluid formulated with moisturizing factors (3%) helps fight dehydration and leaves skin delicately scented. For normal/ combination skin.
Sequissimo Velvet Soft Cream (for dry skin)/ Sequissimo Creme Onctueuse – Enriched with moisturizing factors (5%), this silkysoft cream helps restore the skin’s natural hydration system to increase radiance and softness.
Sequissimo Extra Rich Moisturizing Cream/ Sequissimo Creme Tres Riche – Formulated with a high concentration of moisturizing agents (7%), this rich cream provides longlasting moisture. Skin is ideally rehydrated and protected against environmental aggressions.
Sequissimo Intense Moisturizing Balm/ Sequissimo Baume Intense – Applied sparingly of used as a mask, this balm works like a “moisturizing bandaid” to replenish the reserves of severely dehydrated skin.

Sequentiel Radiance Rejuvenation Nutrition Program – A complete skin recovery treatment, this age and fatigue-fighting program is presented in two complementary formulas (day/night), incorporating a high concentration (88%) of rejuvenating, restructuring, smoothing, moisturizing and stimulating ingredients. After a 24day treatment, skin looks younger, and glows with health and vitality.

Highly Recommended: Diopti Skin care targeted for the delicate eye area.
If you try no other products from Lierac – try these! There are few lines (with the exception of Talika, perhaps) with such specialized care for the eye area. The best part is that the sub-range really delivers and is, in fact, one of the best loved segments of the line.
Diopti Lotion – Eye makeup remover liquid for sensitive eyes. Both makeup remover lotions are formulated with chamomile, cornflower and rose water to soothe the delicate eye area.
Diopti Fluide – a milky eye makeup remover fluid for removing waterproof makeup.
DioptiCreme – Rejuvenating cream for reducing wrinkles around the eyes. This wrinkle controlformula contains a high concentration of rejuvenating ingredients to help prevent and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
DioptiGel – Reducing gel for bags under the eyes. This gel helps combat undereye puffiness with botanical extracts like alchemilla, ivy, horsetail, and chamomile.
DioptiCalm – Soothing balm for the eyelids. Licorice and witch hazel are combined to soothe and decongest the eye contour area, leaving it fresher and less fatigued.
DioptiCerne – Beauty care cream for dark fatigue circles. This formula contains arnica, vitamin E and butcherbroom to gradually help reduce unsightly dark circles. Also available in tinted version. The arnica, with its famous antibruising properties, stimulate blood vessels to reabsorb the wayward blood molecules that contribute to all sorts of circulatory aberrations, while the vitamin E and butcherbroom reinforce the capillary walls.
DioptiLisse – Ultrafirming eye care with an instant smoothing effect. This fresh, transparent gel “lifts” the eyelids in just a few minutes to give a more youthful, rested appearance to the eye area. Used daily, it has a longlasting firming action and helps prevent drooping of the eyelids.

Specialty Care

AquaD Radiance Continuous Hydration – An instant radiance booster, AquaD contains a rejuvenating ingredient exclusive to Lierac (ProD Actif) and a highly concentrated moisturizing complex (15%). With daily use, this refreshing creamgel helps skin look smooth, youthful and illuminated. This very concentrated formula contains glycerin, sweet almond protein, glycosphingolipids, castor oil, vitamin E and Sodium PCA.

Body Products

Long Lasting Moisturizing Body Lotion/ Lait Corporel AntiDessechement – This very rich body lotion provides skin with continual moisture throughout the day. Neither sticky nor greasy, it is uniquely formulated to maintain skin’s optimal hydration levels.
Intensive Moisturizing ‘HydraOil” for Bath and Body/ HydraHiule AntiDessechement – On the skin or in the bath, this fine, delicate oil provides longlasting hydration and beautifies the skin leaving it satinysmooth, silky and glowing. Ideal for summer use to enhance tanned skin. These formulas contain honey, squalene and Sodium PCA to hydrate and smooth the driest skin.
Highly Recommended: Arkeskin Skin Revitalizing Cosmetic Replacement Therapy/ Soin Creme Antiage Substitutif – This is a key product from Lierac and one of it’s most popular. Employing the active ingredient in motherofpearl, cytonacre sp, Arkeskin has a targeted action to promote a return to younger looking skin. Cytonacre sp regenerates skin cells by releasing chemicals that target the melanin distribution and the synthesis of keratin, collagen and elastin. Other hydrating and revitalizing ingredients include wheat germ oil, squalene, glycerin, almond protein, sesame oil and Sodium PCA. Arkeskin is a complete program that increases hydration, firmness, elasticity and regulation of pigmentation. Arkeskin is available in two formulas one for face and one for body.

Phytolastil – for reduction and prevention of stretch marks.
Phytolastil Gel – This gel strengthens the fibrous support system of the skin to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during high risk periods like pregnancy, puberty, weight loss or gain.
Phytolastil Ampoules – The highly concentrated active plant synergy in Phytolastil ampoules, an intensive Phyto(botanical)cosmetic program, visibly helps to reduce existing stretch marks. In 48 weeks, stretch marks tend to diminish in depth, width and color.
Phytophyline ampoules Intensive Phytocosmetic Program for Cellulite – a highly concentrated, intensive treatment helps reshape and sculpt unsightly body curves when used twice daily for 68 weeks.

Highly Recommended: UltraCool Spray Leg Refresher/ UltraFraicheur Jambes – Formulated with decongesting, refreshing and invigorating ingredients, this convenient spray provides instant relief for tired, swollen legs.

Body Contouring Products

Reshaping Cream Abdomen/ Carytide Ventre – Achieve a superfirm abdomen with this firming treatment. Formulated with energizing and contouring agents, this cream works to sculpt, shape and define the abdomen and restore the soft, supple feel of the skin.
Body Lift Refining, Firming Gel – Body Lift is a bodycontouring and firming gel with a concentration of superactivated caffeine (7%). It’s instant tightening effect works to smooth and enhance the skin, sculpting the body contours and minimizing the orange peel aspect of cellulite.
Sensorielle Drainage Body Cream – A high concentration of active ingredients to drain and contour and cyclotella to infuse the skin with sense of relaxation. With an amazingly smooth and multisensorial texture, the cream is pleasurable to use for massaging on a daily basis or as intensive treatment to combat water retention.

Products for Bust
Phytrel Ampoules Intense Phytocosmetic Program Bust Firmer – Containing a high concentration of firming, astringent and toning active ingredients, these ampoules provide an effective solution for a slack, sagging bust when used twice daily for 68 weeks.
Bust Lift Firming Spray for Bust and Decollete – This firming and astringent spray tones the bust and beautifies the skin while helping to prevent the appearance of unsightly brown spots on the decollete.

This line can be overwhelming with its myriad products for everything under the sun – but its well worth spending the time to investigate. The products deliver what they promise and very concentrated, providing good value for the money.

European Beauty Products Are Now at Your Local Drugstore

Drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens have a new marketing tool in the battle to remain competitive and relevant in today’s always competitive retail market: beauty product imports.

A growing number of drugstores are beginning to introduce European lines in their health departments in hopes of taking some of the customers from traditional beauty counters in department stores. The tactic may just work.

Many of these imports contain much of the same sought after ingredients in products found at stores such as Sephora or department store makeup counters. These ingredients include retinol, peptides and antioxidants.

CVS is a good example of this emerging trend. Not only has the CVS chain rapidly expanded due to its acquisition of Sav-On drugstores, but the stores have all been renovated. They are easy to navigate and make shopping fun and easy.

The cosmetics sections in CVS stores are called Healthy Skincare Centers and feature French skincare brands such as Avene and La Roche-Posay. La Roche is the same product that used to be sold only through dermatologists in the United States.

The Healthy Skincare Centers also sometimes feature skincare consultants and because of the seemingly higher quality products, the prices tend to reflect that image. The highest priced beauty product now at CVS is $60, which is a far cry from many of the price tags under $10 for beauty products.

The new beauty inventory at CVS may not necessarily make customers who normally buy Oil of Olay skincare products convert to the imports. However, it has the potential of taking customers who would not normally shop at CVS for beauty products, away from other retailers.

Not only will people be getting the same product they would normally get at a mall, but they would get it without the hassle of having to go the mall and deal with pushy cosmetics representatives.

Target is another chain that introduced imported beauty products. After renaming their beauty departments, Bath amp; Body (which sounds all too similar to retailer Bath amp; Bodyworks) they also brought on brands such as Ma Provence and Italian shaving products from Proraso.

Similarly, Walgreens also introduced seven brands that are European in origin to its stores.

Whether or not the lines will do well enough to bring these companies enough money to stay on store shelves, is not really in question. Customers already showed that they were willing to purchase items at drugstores that they wouldn’t normally buy at drugstores.

The gift cards to other retailers sold at drugstores is a good example of this as witnessed during the past holiday season.

More shoppers are willing to invest a little more of their attention at drugstores because of the convenience of these stores as opposed to going to traditional shopping centers to get what they need.

High-end beauty products may be just a tip of the ice berg when it comes to what drugstore executives think up next to put on their shelves.

Malin + Goetz: Skincare in Manhattan

Malin + Goetz is now well into the middle of their fourth year in Manhattan and becoming a well known brand by anyone who is skin conscious. The concept behind the brand is simple, the products are a fantastic blend of nature and technology and the store is beautiful.

Mathew Malin is the beauty half of Malin + Goetz. Mathew graduated from school in 1990 and went on the spend two years at the Saks executive training program. From Saks Mathew took a position with Barney’s before it was the big Madison Avenue Co-Op that we know and love today. Mathew helped family owned and operated Barney’s for three years find and launch many new up and coming cosmetic brands such as Fresh, Philosophy and Kiehl’s. Kiehl’s became Mathew’s biggest client and they recruited him to come and be the head of their global distribution department. Mathew worked for Kiehl’s for five years until it was bought out by L’Oreal. From Kiel’s Mathew moved on to help family owned and operated Prada come up with and launch it’s cosmetic line as well as Helmut Lang and Jill Sanders perfumes. Unfortunately for Prada the cosmetic line was not a success.

From working with all of these companies Mathew had obtained quite a supply of fantastic products in his bathroom cabinet. However, since he suffers from rosacea, eczema and seborrhea Mathew could use only a few of these products. At the point when Prada ended is when Mathew, with a little help from his partner Andrew, began working on a business plan for Malin + Goetz.

Andrew Goetz is the other half of Malin + Goetz and is the architectural side. For ten years Andrew worked for Swiss based family owned and operated company Vitra finding and cultivating the careers of up and coming architects such as Frank Ghery. It is Andrew’s work that led to a relationship with 2×4 who is responsible for the design of the bottles and the design of the store.

Malin + Goetz products are based on the idea of simplicity. Everyone can use these items no matter what their skin conditions. They can be men or women, dry or oily, sensitive or not. The line is a set of cleansers and moisturizers for face, body and hair. The cleansers are amino acid based cleansers combined with great things from nature such as grapefruit and peppermint that rinse beautifully clean without stripping. The moisturizers are fatty acid based hydrators combined with such great natural elements as vitamin E and stable vitamin C to hydrate without leaving behind a film that can cause breakouts. The line as a whole is about thirty products. There are no pore clogging creams or oils and most of the moisturizers dry to a powder like finish.

If you can find a great cleaner and a great moisturizer from Malin + Goetz then you will be able to pair down your bathroom. You will be able to use the product and so will your partner. In a New York sized bathroom this is very important. You will not have a lot of stuff in your medicine cabinet and if you need to leave the bottles out on the vanity they look pretty thanks to 2×4. Also the bottles are color coded. Blue for face, Red for hair and Green for body. Then even a step further with dark colors for cleansers and light for moisturizers so if you can not read the label in the shower all you have to do is reach for the right color.

Another concept to Malin + Goetz is that they are your local apothecary. When you step into the store it is a very clean white box with a pharmacist counter where you can try the testers and get some great advice. The thought is you can come in and say something like “my scalp is itchy” and Mathew or his staff will run into the back and mix you up the perfect thing. Mathew has taught his staff exactly how to use each product so that they can teach you based on your own personal skin, body or hair concern. You do not need to use eight or nine products to get the results you want, a great cleanser and a great moisturizer will get the job done. They do also have some great detox oxidizing masks and topical Restalyn serums if you have more treatment related concerns. The bottles even mimic an old apothecary bottle where all you need is right on the front label: what is it called, how do you use it and what’s in it. Simple.

In the back of the store there is a perfumery with some great scents. As Mathew is allergic to synthetic fragrance the perfumes and candles are made from the finest ingredients. Like the skin, body and hair line the fragrances are designed to work together. With the Eu De Toilettes there is a natural scent such as lime tonic and a technological one such as synthesized musk and together they work perfectly. You can wear both for balance or you can wear one and your partner can wear the other and when you come together you are the perfect team and create the perfect balance.

Malin + Goetz has the right line for people who are sensitive or normal, dry or oily, male or female. Stop on in or check out their website to see how a two step system can change your life and make your skin the best it has ever been.

Malin + Goetz 177 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10011. 212-727-3777.

Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles: Review

The renowned Seattle Calidora Skincare Clinic is sharing its goods with those on the Hollywood Scene in the form of Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles. Known for providing excellent skincare services, Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles provides full services to clients who desire perfection and well managed healthy skincare.

One of the things that is unique to the Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles and the Calidora Skincare System is their individual and custom approach to skincare solutions for their clients. The goal is for those who choose to use the advanced technology used in the treatments and products offered at Calidora Skincare Clinic, to achieve vibrant fresh and youthful skin.

All clients who choose to visit Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles receive a 60-minute complimentary skincare analysis. The expert skincare professionals at Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles use photo imaging to provide a true analysis and skin evaluation, which is followed by a personal, customized skincare regimen based on the issues found in the analysis. The customize Skinplan for each client is designed so that the client reaches a realistic goal of achieving healthy and youthful skin.

Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles offers other special treatments such as Urgent Blemish Control, to rid skin of pimples in record time for special occasions. However the main skincare services offered at Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles include facials, microcurrent, microdermabrasion, pure O2, rejuvenator, customized chemical peels, sun and age spot removal, laser hair removal, acne treatment, veins and diffuse redness, skin tightening, facial rejuvenation, body contouring, fat and cellulite reduction, botox, restylane, juvederm, radiesse, and more.

Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles offers gift cards as an excellent choice for special days. An excellent way to use them is the Calidora Signature Custom Facial, which provides the after effects of acne control, tightening of skin, lifting of skin, improved pigmentation, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliation, hydration, collagen stimulation, cellular renewal and more.

Calidora Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles offers several locations including Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, and in the Glendale area. The Santa Monica location for Calidora Skincare Clinic is located at 1413 Montana Avenue. The Marina del Rey Calidora Skincare Clinic is located at The Waterside. The Glendale Calidora Skincare Clinic is located at Americana at Brand. For more information and available appointments at the various locations for Calidora Skincare Clinic throughout the Los Angeles area may call 877-848-2414 or visit the Web site for Calidora.

Natural Collagen Inventia Face & Cleavage Elixir: For Younger Healthier Looking Skin

Collagen boosters for the skin have been growing in popularity for many years now. But until now nothing has taken the headlines quite like the new Natural Collagen skincare line from Inventia.

Natural Collagen Inventia Face and Cleavage Elixir has quickly become a favorite in the beauty world. As its unique form of collagen is durable and easily absorbed into the skin, it provides the ideal anti-aging properties for mature skin. As we age, a shortage of collagen in the skin develops, robbing skin of its plump youthful appearance. This new elixir from Inventia has been specially formulated to combat this issue for both men and women.

How Natural Collagen Inventia Face amp; Cleavage Elixir works

Natural Collagen Inventia is derived from rigorously inspected select skins of fresh water planktonophagous fish. This highly guarded proprietary process creates “live” collagen, which is compatible to human DNA, allowing for better absorption by the skin. This revolutionary technology provides the skin with a reduction in wrinkles, and promotes very soft smooth skin as it is specially designed to be used on the face and chest areas twice daily.

Natural Collagen Inventia ingredients

Besides the “live” collagen from the planktonophagous fish, Natural Collagen Inventia Face and Cleavage Elixir also contains Borage Oil, an essential fatty acid, Trylagen┬«, a blend of active peptides and proteins, Sojadine, a natural source of vitamins A amp; E, Hydromanil, a moisturizing plant component, Hyaluronic Acid, which is known to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and pomegranate seed oil, which contains a rare acid, known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. All of these fabulous natural ingredients infuse skin with each use, leaving behind firmer, softer, younger looking skin.

What people (like me) are saying about Natural Collagen Inventia Face amp; Cleavage Elixir:

After using the elixir for only two weeks, I could see a huge difference especially on my neck and chest. My skin looks firmer, more evenly toned, and much smoother overall. I have to admit I was a little grossed out about the “fish” thing at first, but I am definitely glad I tried it anyway. The results I received in such a short time were absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see the results with continued use!

Where you can get Natural Collagen Inventia products

Natural Collagen Inventia Face amp; Cleavage Elixir is available for $106 for 30 ml. bottle at, along with the entire line of products including Natural Collagen Inventia FACE, Night Cream, Under Eye Elixir, amp; Nano Gold Crystal Mask.