Natural Parenting the Easy Way

Some may call it a trend but for others its simply the way its always been. Natural. When our babies are born we try to do everything the safest and healthiest way possible. This comes down to the foods they eat, the toys they play with and even the fabric we put next to their delicate skin. Going along the natural parenting route can seem overwhelming and even costly for parents who don’t know much about it, but the truth is it can actually be more affordable in the long run, and it ends up making your life simpler as well.

One of the most basic things your baby will need when they enter the world is food. Studies have shown for many years that breastfeeding is by far the ultimate form of nutrition for a baby. It benefits their immune system better than formula and aids in better brain development. The downside of this is that breastfeeding can be a big challenge to a lot of moms. Luckily in this day and age many products are available that can help solve the problems a lot of mothers have. My Brest Friend makes a number of really great, high quality breastfeeding products that are a must have for moms who want to breast feed. Their nursing pillow is the most recommended pillow on the market and comes in a variety of styles that can even accommodate twins. Different color choices are available and you can buy an organic version as well that is really nice. Also by My Brest Friend is their adjustable Nursing Stool. I’ve seen a number of these stools on the market and this one is one of the best quality ones I’ve seen. Its all wood and the top has grip strips to prevent slippage. You can adjust the angle of the top and when you’re done nursing, it becomes a regular step stool that your toddler can use in the bathroom or their bedroom.

Purchasing a good quality highly functional breastpump is also very important and Simplisse offers a few different models including a double electric pump that comes complete with storage bottles and carrying purse. Simplisse pumps are far gentler than your average pump and will tug less. The design mimics a baby’s suckling You can also purchase accessories like a breastfeeding pillow, breast pads, storage bags, etc. on their website. This product was designed by an actual lactation consultant and mom and it’s truly a wonderful product to have ready when your baby will be arriving. Simplisse is the only company on the market that provides such a wide variety of products related to breastfeeding all in one place. You can trust the quality.

Breastfeeding moms drink more water on average than a woman who is not breastfeeding and lately there’s been a lot of talk about the safety of traditional plastic water bottles. While the BPA has been removed from the bottles on the market, plastic is still being labeled as unsafe and more people are turning to other methods of water storage such as glass and stainless steel. Glass can be convenient at home but it can be tough to transport a glass container safely when you’re on the go. Takeya makes great glass water bottles that have a silicone cover on the outside of them so if they get bumped or dropped, you’re far less likely to break one than a plain glass bottle. Prices are pretty reasonable and a variety of colors and sizes are available. WaterGeeks makes a large line of stainless steel bottles (High grade) that can be used alone or with a carbon filter that gets inserted into the inside spout of the bottle. The carbon filter will help remove toxic chemicals that can be harmful to the body so you’ll be drinking healthier and tastier water. Children’s sippy cups and sports bottles are also available. Each filter lasts for about 80 gallons worth of water.

Something many mothers are very passionate about it cloth diapering their baby. Environment conscious moms don’t like the thought of filling our garbage dumps with used disposable diapers and many don’t like the chemicals that can be transferred to their baby’s skin by using a disposable diaper method. Cloth diapering has been around far longer than disposables have and many mothers are going back down that road. To dumb it down, products that are available these days typically consist of a decorative diaper cover of some sort along with inserts that act as the soakers. Best Bottom diapers are great because they are adjustable- there are a number of snaps on the diaper cover and as your baby grows you’ll be able to use the same diaper covers. The diaper inserts also snap in which prevent them from moving around and allowing leakage to occur. Simply snap them out and wash them. A number of different types of inserts are available from Best Bottom and Organic cotton / Hemp is one of them. Small, medium and large covers are available.

Cutey Baby features the That’s a Wrap 2-part diapering system as well and they also have a great product that works well if you’re an on-the-go type of mom. Instead of using disposable diapers when you’re going to be out for the day and don’t want to deal with the cloth mess in your diaper bag, you can buy their biodegradable flushable liners that can be used with the cloth covers. They come in a small roll and you can keep them around with ease, using them for convenience but not needing to worry about filling up a landfill somewhere. Their covers come in some very cute prints and their closure system focuses on Velcro and is very secure.

BumWear cloth diapers feature a soft fleece inside the diaper cover which allows wetness to pass through. Inserts go inside of the diaper lining and the outside is waterproof. This method requires you to wash the cover itself with each use, but they are very absorbent and have a good design with leg gathers to prevent leakage and an elasticized front which prevents any gaps from forming because of a mis-fit. Sizes are also adjustable.

Bambino Mio reusable diapers are very affordable and utilize the waterproof covers with prefold liners. These are very absorbent and many moms prefer this method. There’s different ways you can fold the liners to get the absorbancy you need. These liners also make washing a bit easier with the way they absorb fluids. Velcro enclosure is part of the Bambino Mio line and these diapers are very lightweight and comfortable. You can also utilize many of Bambino Mio’s products when its time to potty train. They have great reusable training pants that are absorbent enough to use for outings and at night. They also have detergents you can use for your cloth needs (Traditional scented detergents are not recommended when cloth diapering).

Fuzzi Bunz features a number of different products including one size diapers and sized. Hemp products are available, organic cotton wipes and different inserts are all available. You can also purchase products to help you make cloth diapering easy like wet bags for storage of dirty diapers and even a diaper sprayer that hooks to your toilet and allows you to wash waste into the toilet before washing in your machine.

Happy Heinys is rated the number one pocket diaper system. Their wool covers and other products are made in the U.S.A. and use Aplix hook and eye closures. Their diapers fit well, are snug and are very easy to use. A line of cloth diapers for preemies are even available from this company which is tough to find and the longevity of these diapers is really great. You can find a variety of colors, styles and fabrics from Happy Heinys.

Thirsties are a modern version of the cloth diaper. The secure Velcro system allows for super quick diaper changes and the completely waterproof covers are breathable and comfortable. The extra small size even features a cut out portion for the umbilical cord so you won’t aggravate that area. The covers are completely free of VOC’s. PVC, lead and latex. A variety of colors are available and inserts are available in different varieties including hemp prefolds.

You can also find handmade, affordable cloth wipes from the GenerationMe Etsy shop online. The quality is great and not only can you use the products and wipes but you can use them as a cloth diaper soaker as well. GenerationMe also makes waterproof wet/dirty bags for home use or on the road. They’re very well made and very versatile. Turtles R Us on Etsy also features cloth wipes as well as blankets, loveys, clothing and much more. All are handmade and extremely affordable. The fabric is a good quality and there are a number of cute prints to choose from.

Many attachment parenting moms insist it’s a necessity to purchase one or more good wrap carriers when you’re going to be having a baby. Studies show the benefits to the baby when worn frequently during their infancy. This makes for a less fussy baby as well and it allows mom to get more done during the day. The Sleepy Wrap by NAP, Inc. is by far one of the best wraps I’ve seen. The fabric quality is fantastic, the design is great and the give of the fabric makes for a really great and snug fit. You can buy their classic version or their organic version but both are really great and definitely a must have for any mom (Or dad). A large variety of colors are available and the price is unbeatable for the quality of product you will receive.

Clothing your child in an all natural way can be a lot easier these days then it used to be. Not a lot of organic cotton clothing was available a few years back and if it was, it wasn’t as stylish as the name brands and it was extremely expensive. Baby Loopies is a line of children’s designer socks and a number of organic versions are available. The patterns are adorable and if you live in a warm climate and your little one is sporting their cloth diaper, a onesie and some socks there are none cuter that Baby Loopies’ socks. Adorable clothes can be found at for not only baby but for mom, dad and even for the home as well. The bamboo material is incredibly soft, durable and beautiful. Prices are typical for this type of clothing but the quality is unparallel. Positively Organic features positively adorable organic clothing for your child. The toddler outfits are so cute and the prints are so unique that everyone will be asking where you got that outfit from. Coordinating pants, hats and shirts are all available and you can really come up with some cute combinations with these products.

If you need to paint or stain a piece of furniture or decoration for your baby’s room turn to Delta Creative’s Soy Paints and Stains. These products work just like regular acrylics and stains but are non toxic and contain an extremely low VOC count. Paints come in 24 different colors and the stains come in 4 shades. Imagine staining a dresser and not even needing gloves, that’s how gentle these products are. Drying time is shorter than your average product and is very easy to use.

Bathing and skincare products can be a tough purchase when trying to stay as natural as possible but also trying to get a product that will actually work while being safe for your children as well. Episencial makes a line of natural skincare products that is marketed towards healthier skin for a stronger immune system. People may not know that baby’s skin is a lot thinner and permeable than an adults. This means chemicals and toxins are more likely to enter a baby’s body than an adult’s. Going an all natural route when treating dry skin, protecting from the sun, etc. is very important and you can use Episencial’s products for many years. Adults can even use these items. Eric Carle artwork is featured on Episencial’s products, making them fun for kid’s of all ages. Not only are traditional bathing products available but as is bubble bath, protective face balm, and eczema relief cream.

Save money on disposable snack bags and tote around a reusable version. You can find these at really great prices by shopping on where the creations are handmade by the sellers themselves. CelesteBlakeDesigns on Etsy makes great cotton snack bags with a nylon liner that is water and stain resistant. They are machine washable. These bags have zippers which is unlike other Velcro versions. This removes the risk of crumbs getting stuck in the Velcro and nothing will escape from the bag. BagItConscious makes really cute and high quality snack bags on Etsy as well and you’d never know they were handmade especially for the price. They’re really functional and have a very secure closure. The patterns and designs are great as well.

Decorate your dining room table with cloth napkins from Etsy creators like EveryDayUses. Having a stack of these handmade creations will be a conversation starter and will also add some unique d├ęcor to your kitchen area. You can also pick up some cloth cocktail napkins for your parties from Very rustic, traditional prints are available and the quality is great and holds up in the wash.

Natural parenting can really be an easy and affordable route if you give it a chance and find a routine for your household. In the long run it really won’t trake up much more of your time, and will save you a great deal of money. You can get your whole household involved in helping the environment and your budget. Luckily, natural parenting has become a much easier way to parent thanks to all of the great products on the market these days.