California Baby: Natural Skincare Products Safe for Babies and You!

In my quest to live as naturally as possible, I searched high and low for a beauty product that was suitable for my eczema-prone skin. As anyone with the skin condition will know, it can be difficult to find something that will not provoke an adverse reaction. There are many lotions and creams out on the market today containing synthetic fragrances, which can dry out the skin and lead to the tell-tale itchiness of eczema.

California Baby’s products are made with essential oils and organic ingredients. Additionally they are not animal tested, and are sulfate and paraben-free. On the company’s website ( customers can view the large product section from skin care to bug repellents and accessories. Although the target line was originally products for babies, everything on the website can be used for everyone in the family. For more information on what makes California Baby natural, the FAQ page has a detailed explanation on what is used and what is avoided.

Unsure of what product to try? Items are also grouped under “massage”, “shop by scent”, “no fragrance”, “calming”, “travel sizes”, “newborn basics”, and “eczema care”. For those with eczema, I highly recommend the Calendula Cream. I used it on a terrible patch that would not go away and was surprised it did not sting upon contact. The cream greatly reduced the itch, and helped the skin heal within a week. And unlike other non-steroidal creams, it absorbed quickly without feeling sticky. Best of all, the cream’s smell of lavender made it easy to whip out during work and dab on a spot without anyone commenting. Imagine doing that with traditional medications!

The only problem with California Baby products is the price to quantity ratio. The Calendula Cream comes in a 60 gram tub at $11.50. Although the quality of ingredients would account for the price, it is still expensive. The largest size available is the gallon, available for certain shampoo and bodywashes, bubble baths, and lotions. A gallon of Calming Shampoo amp; Bodywash for example, is priced at $118.90. However, the company will also offer specials from time to time; as of writing there are several packages priced at 20% off. There are also sample sizes for shampoo, bubble bath, and trial sets for reasonable prices. The Eczema Care Pack includes a travel-sized Calendula Cream, suncreen, shampoos, lotions, and massage oil for the price of $11.35.

Shipping from the website is quick and simple. Orders are shipped Monday to Friday within 48 hours via UPS ground, and with free shipping if the amount is over $150 or if the order includes a gallon-sized product. Since my order was under $25, my shipping cost came to $6.50 and took only four days to arrive. California Baby will also ship to Canada and internationally. Don’t forget to ask for free samples when you check out!

Nowadays when I’m out of the Calendula Cream I simply head out to my local Whole Foods to stock up. Not all stores carry the brand, but if you aren’t willing to wait or would like to try a sample first, you could also try the Whole Foods or CVS stores in Southern California. California Baby is also available on, but be aware the shipping will take much longer as the third-party vendors are often out of stock.

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