Review of Biore Daily Scrub

I’ve found recently that the St. Ives Apricot Scrub I usually use is a bit too harsh for winter, so I thought I would go to the store to find a new scrub that might work better. I came upon Biore’s Daily Scrub, which comes in a squeeze tube like most other scrubs do. I noticed immediately that the beads are spaced a lot farther apart than those of most other scrubs.

The texture of the scrub is creamier than most I have come across, but it certainly isn’t oily, so the “oil-free” advertisement of this product is definitely true. It has a pearlescent look and lathers up a little so you can use this as a cleanser. This product does dry my skin a little, but it’s nothing that moisturizing right afterwards can’t fix. Thus, this product is probably fine for most skin types.

I’ve read reviews on this product that claim it prevents breakouts, which I find untrue. In fact, I got a few pimples on my nose that may have actually been caused by this product, and I almost never get acne. I was disappointed that this product seemed to make my skin worse.

I’ve found that this product is not that effective as a scrub. I don’t think the beads do all that much exfoliating because they are so small and so far apart. However, if you have incredibly sensitive skin, this may be the only way to exfoliate at all. I just don’t think it is that effective in removing dead skin cells, as I would expect an exfoliater to do.

Even as a cleanser, I didn’t find this product to be very effective. I’m disappointed to say that this product really did little to nothing to improve the state of my skin. I’ve found that my skin in recent weeks is in worse shape than before. I think I will go back to using my old skincare while I hunt for a good scrub that will actually do something for my face. I would not recommend this product because it did nothing for me.