5 Ways to Freshen Up Skin After a Long Winter

Winter’s ice-cold temperatures and dry air may have made your skin flaky, irritated and looking dull. Even if you were moisturizing your skin every day to protect it from the elements, the harsh weather and cold climate could still severely dry out your skin. As the weather warms up and you prepare for spring, you’ll need to make some changes to your skincare routine and work on bringing out your natural, healthy glow. Here are five ways to freshen up your skin after a long and cold winter season:

1. Give yourself a head-to-toe exfoliation. Use a buffing cloth and exfoliating tools to get rid of dead skin cells sitting on the skin’s surface. You have probably accumulated a lot of dead skin cells from head to toe over the winter months, and can “shed” this layer easily by buffing it away. Use face and body scrubs to loosen dead skin cells and a body-buffing tool to work on tougher areas of skin.

2. Use petroleum jelly to keep skin soft. Petroleum jelly is still one of the best – and most affordable — skin moisturizers available, and is especially helpful for getting rid of rough patches of skin on your knees, elbows and heels. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly to these dry and rough areas, and wear socks or gloves overnight so that your skin softens up quickly.

3. Choose a body wash with glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliating agent and can be very effective for smoothing out rough and untoned skin all over your body. Look for a quality body wash or scrub that contains glycolic acid for the ultimate exfoliation in the shower. If you have sensitive skin, choose a body wash with a lowest concentration of glycolic acid.

4. Use a moisturizing body scrub at least once per week. A natural body scrub infused with essential oils, moisturizing oils, brown sugar or white sugar can be particularly effective for smoothing out rough patches of skin and reviving your skin after a long winter. Applying a body scrub using a vigorous, circular motion can also increase circulation to the skin’s surface, bringing out your natural glow.

5. Get a faux tan. If your skin is looking especially pale after a long winter, pick up some sunless tanning products and work up a faux tan! Your fake tan will look more natural and last longer if you exfoliate your skin thoroughly before application. Most sunless tanning products last between five to seven days, depending on your natural skin tone.