New Video Game Keeps Your Skin Healthy

The Nintendo DS is already popular all over the USA and Japan, with all types of games available. Shooting and racing games are popular with the traditional video game target audience of young males, but recently Nintendo has released virtual pet and brain teaser games for the DS that has opened up the market to include older people and women.

The Nintendo Corporation who brought us the Super Mario franchise and Pokemon, has just released a new game for the DS that seeks to broaden their target audience even more. “Dream Skincare” is a new DS game designed for women, young and old, who seek skincare, aging and beauty tips.

The software created by the Konami Corp. allows players to input information about themselves via the DSs touch screen. Body temperature, skin tone, amount of sleep, skin smoothness, and exposure to sunlight among others, are all tracked daily on the DS and the game will automatically tell the player what things they can do to help preserve and better care for their skin.

The game gives advice like what foods to eat, how to keep a good hormonal balance, and what type of daily skin care regime should be used to help women keep their skin beautiful. The game also includes videos of Chizu Saeki acting as a virtual skin care consultant advising women on how to apply makeup, skin care products, and facial massage. The game will also feature recipes designed to keep women healthy and beautiful as well as advice on manners and being womanly.

“Dream Skincare” due out October 18, 2007 in Japan, has been met with mixed reviews. Some people praise Nintendo for trying to expand their audience with innovative games like “Dream Skincare” and making such an innovative console as the Wii released in 2006. Other gamers think that “Dream Skincare” and other games like it are laughable at best and will do nothing but hurt Nintendo’s profits and image. But with over 40 million DSs sold and sales still strong, Nintendo does not seem concerned that their new and untraditional approach to gaming will have any negative effects.

It is still unknown if “Dream Skincare” will be released in the USA or Europe, the reception of the game in Japan will probably dictate whether or not it gets to debut in any other countries. But for those of us women who don’t have access to our own personal skincare advisor via the DS, there’s always the salon, or if nothing else, the skincare aisle at Wal-Mart.