New Video Game Keeps Your Skin Healthy

The Nintendo DS is already popular all over the USA and Japan, with all types of games available. Shooting and racing games are popular with the traditional video game target audience of young males, but recently Nintendo has released virtual pet and brain teaser games for the DS that has opened up the market to include older people and women.

The Nintendo Corporation who brought us the Super Mario franchise and Pokemon, has just released a new game for the DS that seeks to broaden their target audience even more. “Dream Skincare” is a new DS game designed for women, young and old, who seek skincare, aging and beauty tips.

The software created by the Konami Corp. allows players to input information about themselves via the DSs touch screen. Body temperature, skin tone, amount of sleep, skin smoothness, and exposure to sunlight among others, are all tracked daily on the DS and the game will automatically tell the player what things they can do to help preserve and better care for their skin.

The game gives advice like what foods to eat, how to keep a good hormonal balance, and what type of daily skin care regime should be used to help women keep their skin beautiful. The game also includes videos of Chizu Saeki acting as a virtual skin care consultant advising women on how to apply makeup, skin care products, and facial massage. The game will also feature recipes designed to keep women healthy and beautiful as well as advice on manners and being womanly.

“Dream Skincare” due out October 18, 2007 in Japan, has been met with mixed reviews. Some people praise Nintendo for trying to expand their audience with innovative games like “Dream Skincare” and making such an innovative console as the Wii released in 2006. Other gamers think that “Dream Skincare” and other games like it are laughable at best and will do nothing but hurt Nintendo’s profits and image. But with over 40 million DSs sold and sales still strong, Nintendo does not seem concerned that their new and untraditional approach to gaming will have any negative effects.

It is still unknown if “Dream Skincare” will be released in the USA or Europe, the reception of the game in Japan will probably dictate whether or not it gets to debut in any other countries. But for those of us women who don’t have access to our own personal skincare advisor via the DS, there’s always the salon, or if nothing else, the skincare aisle at Wal-Mart.


Natural Collagen Inventia Face & Cleavage Elixir: For Younger Healthier Looking Skin

Collagen boosters for the skin have been growing in popularity for many years now. But until now nothing has taken the headlines quite like the new Natural Collagen skincare line from Inventia.

Natural Collagen Inventia Face and Cleavage Elixir has quickly become a favorite in the beauty world. As its unique form of collagen is durable and easily absorbed into the skin, it provides the ideal anti-aging properties for mature skin. As we age, a shortage of collagen in the skin develops, robbing skin of its plump youthful appearance. This new elixir from Inventia has been specially formulated to combat this issue for both men and women.

How Natural Collagen Inventia Face amp; Cleavage Elixir works

Natural Collagen Inventia is derived from rigorously inspected select skins of fresh water planktonophagous fish. This highly guarded proprietary process creates “live” collagen, which is compatible to human DNA, allowing for better absorption by the skin. This revolutionary technology provides the skin with a reduction in wrinkles, and promotes very soft smooth skin as it is specially designed to be used on the face and chest areas twice daily.

Natural Collagen Inventia ingredients

Besides the “live” collagen from the planktonophagous fish, Natural Collagen Inventia Face and Cleavage Elixir also contains Borage Oil, an essential fatty acid, Trylagen┬«, a blend of active peptides and proteins, Sojadine, a natural source of vitamins A amp; E, Hydromanil, a moisturizing plant component, Hyaluronic Acid, which is known to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and pomegranate seed oil, which contains a rare acid, known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. All of these fabulous natural ingredients infuse skin with each use, leaving behind firmer, softer, younger looking skin.

What people (like me) are saying about Natural Collagen Inventia Face amp; Cleavage Elixir:

After using the elixir for only two weeks, I could see a huge difference especially on my neck and chest. My skin looks firmer, more evenly toned, and much smoother overall. I have to admit I was a little grossed out about the “fish” thing at first, but I am definitely glad I tried it anyway. The results I received in such a short time were absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see the results with continued use!

Where you can get Natural Collagen Inventia products

Natural Collagen Inventia Face amp; Cleavage Elixir is available for $106 for 30 ml. bottle at, along with the entire line of products including Natural Collagen Inventia FACE, Night Cream, Under Eye Elixir, amp; Nano Gold Crystal Mask.

Safely Taking Care of Your Skin

The pursuit to remain looking as young as long as you can has become an important passion for many people, especially baby boomers. Not only women, but men as well, have become very conscious of the appearance of their skin. Women, especially though, want to maintain smooth, soft and wrinkle free skin. Taking good care of your skin is very important, not just for vanity as you grow older, but for your health and well being.

We tend to forget that our skin is not only one of our most important vital organs, but the largest one, as well. Our skin is the organ that is the first and most exposed of our organs to potential harmful elements in our environment. So as we take appropriate steps for better care of our heart, our lungs, and our endocrine system, it is important to consider the health of our skin.

Throughout our life, these are some of the very important functions that our skin has been doing for us.
1) Our skin has been protecting our internal organs from harmful injuries and has acted as a defense against dangerous infections and bacteria.
2) Just as our liver and kidneys have acted to detoxify our bodies, our skin has been detoxifying our bodies through perspiration.
3) Our skin has been a regulatory thermostat helping to control the flow of heat in our bodies.
4) Vitamin D, an important vitamin, has been produced and stored by our skin.
5) Our skin has acted as a sensory receptor that has faithfully alerted us to important elements such as hot, cold, sharp, and rough substances.
6) Our skin has kept us from becoming dehydrated.

In the quest to have healthy skin for your entire life, it is important to choose carefully from among the hundreds of skin care products. Just because the ingredients in skin care products are not swallowed does not mean that potentially harmful elements do not affect our bodies. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies.

Therefore, products that contain certain ingredients such as parabens, phenol carbolic acids, propylene glycol, acrylamide, sodium laurel or lauryl sulfate, toluene, dioxane, mineral oil, paraffin, and petrolatum should be avoided as you take care of your skin. These elements have been known to interfere with our bodies endocrine system, cause circulatory and respiratory problems, cause kidney or liver abnormalities and damage, skin irritations, possible links to cancer and tumors, cause a breakdown of the skins moisture barrier, problems with anemia and blood cell count, slow cellular development, and have possible harmful effects to fetus development.

If that isn’t scary enough, it is interesting that some of these very ingredients are found in products such as antifreeze, windshield cleaners, engine degreasers and garage floor cleaners.

In addition to using healthy skin care products for good care of your skin, watch for these same ingredients in perfumes and fragrance oils.

It is always wise to protect your skin from harsh winds, extreme heat, and cold. Avoid the use of harsh soaps and wash your skin gently. Refrain from smoking which causes deep lines and skin deterioration. And, of course, avoid the harsh rays of the sun.