MD Skincare Daily Face Peel is What the Doctor Ordered

It isn’t rare for a skincare product to claim it’s “for all skin types”, but it’s often a challenge to find one that actually works. Look no further than MD Skincare’s Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel, a quick and soothing two-step process that is also the skincare line’s best seller. The product, which costs approximately $75 for 30 uses, comes in two separate jars, each filled with moist circular pads. Ingredients include green tea extract and vitamins A, C and E.

Simiply wipe your face with a disposable pad from the jar marked “Step One” and wait for two minutes. Your skin will likely feel tingly, especially the first few times you use the peel, as it’s clearing dirt and build-up from your skin. When the minutes are up, rub a pad from the jar marked “Step Two”; often this feels more moist and soothing than the first pad. (In both cases, don’t forget your neck area.)

The Daily Facial Peel, designed by Dr. Dennis Gross, is the answer to many skin problems. For those that suffer from dry skin, the peel cleans without exacerbating dryness. Wrinkles are diminished and prevented with regular use. The peel also helps to clear acne, and preps skin so that topical acne medications will sink in and perform better. And for those plagued with shiny skin (especially that T-zone area), the product helps keeps unwanted oil in control.

Though the peel is intended for every day use (such as every morning before putting on sunscreen and/or makeup; or every evening after cleansing your face), I’ve found that after the initial month or so, using the peel every day was a bit too harsh. Depending on the weather and the state of my skin, I cut back to every few days. Because once the jars are opened, the pads slowly start to dry out if not used within the thirty days, I began to buy the Daily Facial Peel in packages of individually wrapped doses. Two cloths, Step One and Step Two, are sealed in small silver foil-like packages, also perfect for tucking into a gym bag or packing for travel.

Who could ask for a simpler and more beneficial at-home skin product? Clear out your medicine cabinet of too many half-used bottles and remedies and make room for Daily Facial Peel. Your face will thank you!

Daily Facial Peel can be found at Sephora and wherever MD Skincare products are sold.