Product Review: MD Skincare Dr. Dennis Gross Lift & Lighten Eye Cream

MD Skincare’s Lift amp; Lighten Eye Cream had been in my makeup bag for over six months because I’d never had the patience to use it every day and night. I decided to open up the tube a couple of weeks ago after I only got 3 hours of sleep and woke up to bags big enough to carry $50 worth of groceries.

After washing my face and patting it dry I applied a dot of the beige colored cream under both of my eyes with my ring finger, and it looks thick but it spreads really easily. I made sure to get the entire area that had puffed up including the perimeter and I also got into the inner corners of my eye. I even put a little on the top lid since it was felt droopy and puffy too. At first I didn’t notice anything different but I’d say within six or seven minutes of applying I literally felt my the skin under my eyes tighten and lift up as if some invisible force was pulling it up. It was amazing. I don’t remember exactly when I ran to look in the mirror but it was within the next hour and I noticed that my bags seemed to deflate like someone had stuck a pin through them.

I thought that the skin would detract and tighten right back into place immeditately but that didn’t happen. The skin stayed sort of loose for the remainder of the day and when I felt it the skin didn’t feel firm at all, and even worse I looked horrible because I no longer had the puffy skin but I still had the dark under-eye circles. It looked so strange because normally when you see people with darkness under the eyes it’s always accompanied by bags. So flat skin with a huge dark circle from where the puffiness had been looked ridiculous, so if you’re going to use this product for the first time do so on a weekend when you don’t have to go outside or make sure to have concealer on hand.

Even though the dark circles and loose skin freaked me out a bit, I made sure to keep using the cream and I used it again at night as MD Skincare directs on the package. When I woke up the next day my skin was much tighter and firmer than it was on the previous day. I’ve used it every day, twice a day for a week now and I’ve noticed that the more and more I’ve used the cream the less I feel it lifting my eyes since there isn’t much to lift anymore and an added benefit is that I feel more alert and have more energy. I guess heavy lids must send a signal to my brain that I’m tired and need more rest, but now when I wake up my lids feel tight and light and I feel more rested and ready to start my day, and now I’m able to know when I am really tired now.

I must say that this Lift amp; Lighten Eye Cream is absolutely amazing, it’s has no perfumes and no dyes and I apply it all over my eyes even when my eyes are watery and it has never burned or stung my eyes. After a week not only do I not have puffy eyes anymore, but my dark circles have lightened at least three shades. I never noticed how dark they were before but they were a deep purple in the inner corners and a bit lighter in the center, and now the inner corners have faded to a light brown and the center of the under-eye isn’t dark at all anymore. I know that if I use this cream consistently for two or three more weeks the circles will be gone completely. I never noticed how much older the circles made me look, but now I look younger, fresher, brighter and healthier and I’ve only been using the cream for a week.

I give MD Skincare Lift amp; Lighten Eye Cream 5 stars, it is one of the best products I’ve ever used and it does everything it claims to do. I recommend this to women and men who are older and have severe bags, this product will allow you to go out without concealer. I also recommend it to young people who want to get a head start on preventing the aging process. I suggest using it as early as the teens and twenties because the earlier you can prevent the under-eye from retaining fluid and stretching out the delicate skin, the firmer your skin will be and the younger you’ll look. For anyone who wants to look younger and brighter buy it and use it consistently and you won’t be disappointed.