Men’s Skincare: Simple Ways to Get Men to Add Skincare to Their Daily Routine

In today’s society, not only women are purchasing skin care products. More and more men are concerned about the appearance of their skin and are seeking ways to find informative solutions to common problems like breakouts and sun damage. Everyone feels better when their skin is smooth and clean and it is never too soon to begin suggesting simple ways to add skin care as a daily routine.

As a mother and beauty specialist, I began buying products to help teach both my children (daughter and son) to cleanse their skin before they became teenagers. I will admit, even though I approached the subject of proper skin care and maintenance with thoughtful consideration, my son was a little apprehensive about having more products on his bathroom shelf to try and figure out. My daughter was easy; she likes to read about beauty products so for me, the suggestion part was taken care of.

I first purchased a variety of well known brands. I now know that, staying within one product line helps clear up skin more efficiently because all the products are designed to work together. When bigger issues surfaced like hard to manage acne, I sought out the advice of a licensed dermatologist who recommended easing into a different formula, or backing off of a certain product that might be drying, like too much benzoyl peroxide.

Grown men and young men alike want to learn ways in which to take care of their skin, but are often too intimidated to ask. My husband asks me what to use as a daily maintenance skin care regime as he still goes through periods of adult break outs. I helped him tailor his shower routine with his skincare routine and he was able to better correct and balance his skin, without hassling with too many things to do in the AM. Fortunately, skin and hair care companies have realized the need to target men and boys, and are creating great products that answer their specific hair and skincare needs.

As of late he has asked me about those little lines that are showing up around his eyes and mouth when he smiles. I showed him the products that I use and how to use them. So far, he seems pleased, and although he doesn’t go through the routine that I do each night, I find he is taking much better care of his skin, and he remembers to use an SPF dermatologist approved sunscreen.

My suggestion for anyone who has a child or significant other who are reluctant to ask about skin care products is to be open minded and suggestive with them when explaining their options. This way you have an equal exchange of information and get a good idea about what they are looking for.

Ask them if they would like to try certain products that you already have or if they are interested in talking with a skin care professional in order to develop a routine that would work best for them. Remember, not all skin types fit into a cookie cutter mold for skin care and one product may not work for everyone.

I do suggest a visit to a licensed skin care specialist, and when you are there; ask about scheduling a mini-facial with a skin analysis. This way, you have the undivided attention of someone who is excited about sharing their knowledge about skin care with you. If you have problems with your skin that they feel might be beyond their control, every professional will recommend a visit to a dermatologist.

In some circumstances you may need a more intense therapy in the form of a prescribed medication or a topical cream. In today’s society more and more males are beginning to understand the need to take better care of their skin. Proper skin care routines including the use of sunscreen are not just for women. There are simple ways to suggest to the men in your life to add a skin care as a daily routine to help improve their overall appearance.