3 Skincare Secrets I Had to Learn Myself

With all the skin care advice available, beginning with our mothers and continuing all around the internet, you would think someone would have found a solution for what ails 17 million people in the United States alone-acne.

Like the rest of the population of acne sufferers, I tried everything I possibly could do to eradicate this problem. I exfoliated, used salicylic acid, went without makeup, had facials, and used only high end products for a long time. Nothing could permanently change my acne. I would see results for a month at best! Many people go to even more extreme measures (think major detox diets) to see results-often to no avail.

With a little logic I was finally able, after a 7 year battle, to discern my skincare needs in three simple steps. Finally I saw a permanent change in my complexion! Try these for yourself-it certainly won’t hurt and for me, these simple steps have been the cure I was feverishly searching for.

Skincare Secret #1
If it’s gentle enough for my baby, it’s perfect for my face.
After running out of my regular facial cleanser and out of time to hit the store, I had no choice to use what I had on hand. What I had on hand was baby shampoo. I reasoned for a minute that it didn’t hurt my son’s delicate skin so it would probably work for my skin for a day or two. It left my skin feeling clean, soft and elastic. I continued using it through the end of the week, then the end of the month, and now it’s been two years of original baby shampoo for my face. Not only is it the best cleanser I’ve ever used but at about $3 a bottle (which easily lasts 6-8 weeks) it’s a steal!

Skincare Secret #2
Italians have done it for thousands of years!
A couple of years back I began my love affair with extra-virgin olive oil. I cooked everything in it. I even loved it on my fresh strawberry salads. In my quest to find other ways to use this golden oil, I began researching olive oil skin care. At first I couldn’t wrap my mind around using an oil to combat oil, but I was desperate and I reasoned that Italians have been using olive oil on their skin for thousands of years so this advice must carry some weight. At first I used it on my body as a lotion replacement after showers. This is when I saw results. The backs of my arms became smoother and my skin took on a gorgeous glow! Overall my tone began improving. So on the face it went! It is, in my opinion, the single best thing a person can do for their complexion. Extra virgin olive oil has amazing anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It took roughly a month to see my acne fade but it has never returned since!

Skincare Secret #3
A little scrub here and there..
After I began seeing noticeable results from my nightly regimen of baby wash and olive oil, I noticed I had scars; something I never even thought about before as I just wanted the acne gone. I decided I needed one more adjustment. Microdermabrasion. I wasn’t willing to frequently go for treatments; I knew I needed something I could do at home. After a little searching online I found a perfect microdermabrasion and peel kit that I use every other night like clockwork.

So in a total of two months time I saw significant improvement in my skin tone. In fact, my acne went away and never came back! Take my advice and give a few of these (or all) tips a try!