Product Review: Ambi Skincare and Clear Exfoliating Wash, for African American Skin

Finally a skin care product that works for me as well as many other African Americans. Ethnic skincare products are hard to come by, but Ambi Even and Clear Exfoliating Wash is an excellent product. Ambi has always been widely available for African Americans but with this new product, I now have a smoother face with less acne which disappeared almost instantly.

Ambi Exfoliating Wash is a new product that is available at just about any drug store or department store in the cosmetic section. You can plan on spending less than four dollars for this wonderful product. The four dollar price is a five ounce bottle of face wash.

This is one of the many products on the market by Ambi. Ambi is a Johnson and Johnson brand of skincare products that is specifically designed for men and women of color. Lately I have been breaking out with acne on my face, but I have noticed an immediate change within the first couple of days using the product. It does contain Salicylic Acid, but this helps penetrate through the skin and unclog pores, in order to get smoother skin.

The other advantage of this skincare product is that it helps with skin tone. If you are one of those people who are prone to blemishes, this product helps greatly reduce blemishes caused by acne. If you are needing products specifically for the use of blemishes then there are other Ambi products on the market as well.

While it does contain salicylic acid, other ingredients include Soy Extract, Vitamins C and Vitamin E, Citric Acid, and Butylene Glycol. There are many more but these are a few of the inactive ingredients.

Only a small amount is required when the product is being used. It is only necessary to buy this skincare product once every three to four weeks.

There is a warning label and on the back of the bottle and directions for its use. There is also a list of all the inactive ingredients and a phone number to call for further questions regarding this product.

This skincare product is affordable, and with the combination of other skin products, I have found this product to be safe and effective for preventing acne breakouts and fading blemishes. There are a number of Ambi products on the market to compliment this face wash, such moisturizer and skin fading products that may be combined together for successful use.

Review of Sophyto Innovations Organic Skincare

Sophyto is a high-quality, relatively affordable skincare line from the UK, designed by a team of experts led by Karen Sinclair Drake. The ingredients of this line are vegan, organic, and manufactured using ethical, sustainable methods, earning it the title of being the first professional-grade skincare line to be licensed by the UK Soil Association. It’s a rather unusual line in that the company discourages the use of tap water in healthy skincare. Tap water can cause a disturbance in the pH of the skin, which has a protective acidic layer that chlorine washes away. To give you an idea of what Sophyto has to offer, here is an review of some of its products that I’ve tried.

Ultra Mild Silken Cleanser
This is good to use in the evenings, because it can be used as a gentle makeup remover. It has the consistency of a serum, and you may either massage it onto your face with your fingers or use a cotton pad if you are removing makeup. It has an aloe vera base and uses cucumber extracts to dissolve dead skin cells in order to exfoliate without the use of abrasive scrubs.

Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser
I like to use this in the morning, or in the evenings after using the Ultra Mild Silken Cleanser. Ingredients include organic English apples and raw sugar cane to help lift daily debris out of pores before they have a chance to clog. It dispenses out of the bottle as a light foam, which is easily spread onto the skin. I’ve found that it has a tendency to soak into the skin, which may or may not be what it is supposed to do.

Tone amp; Balance Super Bioactive
Sophyto advises the use of one of their Super Bioactives in place of water. They carry two kinds: Tone amp; Balance for oily skin types, and Purify amp; Energize for dry skin types. I have oily skin that is prone to acne, so I tried the former. After cleansing the skin with one of the above cleansers, take a cotton pad soaked with Bioactive and massage it over your face. Continue doing this until the cotton pad comes away clean.

Polyphenol Skin Drops
This is perhaps my favorite product in the entire line. It is a light serum designed to combat free radicals with a bioactive combination of antioxidant ingredients, including apples, green tea and white grapes. It smells absolutely heavenly and it soaks in easily. My skin feels so refreshed after applying this serum.

Multivitamin Skin Drops
I also love the scent of this product. Someone who smelled me after applying it told me that I smelled like a pastry. This may be due to the yeast fermented CoQ10. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps retain moisture in the skin. I usually put this on after the Polyphenol Skin Drops, and it makes my skin so wonderfully smooth.

I will admit that I was leery when I tried the Sophyto line specifically because it doesn’t use water. I was aware of the harmful effects of water on skin, but how could you possibly clean properly without using water to wash the cleanser away? The Bioactive merely wipes it away, and I wasn’t so sure I trusted that. I waited for some kind of negative reaction from my skin that simply didn’t come. Instead, my skin felt smooth and became more vibrant, and oil production seemed to balance itself out. These products sell for between $25-$50. That may not fit your idea of “affordable,” but I’ve tried organic products that cost twice as much as these do, with the same high level of performance. Sophyto offers a travel set that can also be used as a sample kit. It’s rather small, but it will satisfy the curiosity of most buyers. The entire line is available at, and